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RE: help please with ventilation (Follow-Up #26)

posted by: clinresga on 08.02.2008 at 10:00 am in Appliances Forum

kateskouros and mahlgold:
Options are a curse and a blessing. With Modern-Aire, you really have many options:

1) buy a hood liner with an internal blower mounted inside the hood. This would all come from Modern-Aire

2) buy a hood liner but with an inline blower (the kind that mounts in the attic). You would get a Modern Aire hood and then purchase the blower and needed accessories. You CAN, but do not have to buy the blower from Modern Aire. This is what I did. I chose to use a Fantech blower and silencer based on my prior experience with Fantech. It happens that this is a blower that Jeff at Modern Aire also liked (and I'd certainly recommend it--it's the FKD10XL blower and the LD10 silencer).

I ended up buying the Fantech from MA even though Jeff suggested I look online for it. I do think I could have saved several hundred dollars in cost and shipping had I done that, but I was on a tight timeline, and did not want to take the risk of buying equipment from an unknown internet vendor and finding out that I got the wrong thing. So, I paid closer to list price and shipping from Cal to Georgia, but had the luxury of Jeff telling me exactly what I needed.

3) hood liner plus external blower (mounts on roof). Jeff had suggested the Abakka low profile roof mount unit. We elected to go inline.

Regarding the infinitely variable, remotely mounted controls: this is a feature I love about the Modern Aire. Two advantages: the continuously variable speed control allows you to adjust the fan speed exactly to what you need. That's particularly useful (versus for example the Vent a Hood we have at the lake) when you want a very low setting--say just simmering something. The VAH even at low is annoyingly loud. The MA hood, with an external fan and silencer, should be close to inaudible on a very low setting.

Having the switches for fan and lights on the wall is also nice. I'm tall enough that to see the three switches on my VAH hood I have to bend over and then crane my neck to look into the hood. Contrast that to reaching to hit the switch on the wall next to the range. A little point, but a nice plus with hoods that allow remote location.

Again, advantage for me with MA has been that one person has helped make all my choices. I tortured Jeff for weeks with emails with all kinds of questions which he patiently answered. They made sure I ordered all the requisite accessories for the blower (backdraft damper, clamps, rheostat, etc). And they were able to build a hood which was exactly to my specs--we went with a 64'' width, NOT a standard hood width, to go over our 55'' Lacanche range.

Again, I sound like a MA crony, and I'm not, I have NO personal interest in them!! But I have had a very good experience with them. I am confident other companies can do something similar, but I greatly prefer dealing with a small company like MA or Independent or Prestige rather than trying to get customer svc from a huge company like Broan. Or, if my assessment is correct, from your clueless appliance company.



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RE: help please with ventilation (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: clinresga on 08.01.2008 at 11:11 am in Appliances Forum

Nah, the folks on this forum love this kind of stuff.

I think a major league range like that deserves equally high performing ventilation. I'm a fan (sorry...) of companies that are dedicated to ventilation hoods. Thus my first choices tend not to be large appliance manufacturers like Wolf (which outsources some of their hoods to Independent, I believe).

You've got tons of space. As kaseki points out, the lateral drift of fumes really demands that the hood extends beyond the actual range top--adequate "capture area." Certainly that is easily done with width for you, and I'd suggest a 54'' width as a minimum.

Depth is more tricky: standard depths are 24'' but some manufacturers also offer 27''. Deeper hoods clearly perform better but start to raise the issue of taller cooks hitting their heads on the hood, particularly if you're doing what is recommended and putting the bottom of the hood no more than 30'' from the range top.

Since you're using a custom enclosure, you can go with a "pro style" hood liner. These are typically deeper than "residential built in" hood inserts, often built with heavier gauge steel, and usually offer a baffled filtration system (a series of metal bars that trap grease as it is pulled into the hood). While there is controversy, most on GW appear to prefer baffles. They are easy to clean (throw them in the DW). and appear to perform well (they are what almost all commercial restaurant hoods use). There are other options (mesh filters, and one system where grease is supposed to drip into a can, which sounds goofy) but baffles are a safe bet.

Beyond the choice of the actual hood liner, you also have to decide on what type of blower to use. Internal blowers are the most commonly used. They are easy to install. Disadvantage is that the motor running adds to the noise of the hood.

Alternative is some type of remotely mounted blower. Inline blowers are placed "in line" with the duct work and placed in the attic or other interior location. External blowers mount to roof or external wall of house. Both offer higher cfm ratings than internal blowers, and eliminates the motor noise (particularly if you use a silencer--i.e. Fantech LD10-- ahead of the blower). Obviously these are much more of a hassle to install, and many folks just don't have the space or location to use one. But, they are the highest performing options in terms of both airflow and noise.

Another advantage of hood liners that can use external fans is that it allows you to choose any brand of blower.

Since you're obsessive enough to have posted on GW, and to have found the Capital range, which is an "insider's choice," I think you deserve to research ventilation a bit more. I'd look at at least one more option before buying.

FYI, what we have ordered for the main house is a custom 64'' Modern-Aire hood liner, coupled with a Fantech FKD10XL inline blower and the LD10 silencer running through 10'' ductwork up through the wall (which was tricky) and then out through the attic, where the blower will be, through the roof.

Cost wise, blowers are pretty much competitive for similar capacities so that's not going to change your cost much. A Modern-Aire liner will be a few hundred more I suspect than an "off the shelf" model but it allows you to completely customize the dimensions, location of ductwork, location of electrical connections, and location of controls. The combination we are using allows use of a continuously variable speed control (rather than the typical three speed off-low-high), and the control will be mounted on the wall beside the range (no more bending to peer up into the hood to find the on/off switch).

I would never suggest that this is the only option. We were just lucky enough to be in a state (Ga.) where they had no distributor so I could deal directly with the factory. The other companies I've mentioned also get great feedback here and others will post additional suggestions I suspect.

Good luck, keep posting questions.


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RE: Miele single oven (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: rhome410 on 01.08.2011 at 08:17 pm in Appliances Forum

That is a smaller oven than the model number he first gave you, which would have been a 30". AJMadison lists it as a 28". More current models (4742B and 4842B) of those sizes both sell for $3049 on AJMadison.

To get to the Miele outlet, go to and click on "Miele Store" at the bottom of the page, put in your zip, and continue through to the outlet store...No ovens on there of that model for our zips, Gharborwa.


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Capital Service Support in SoCal

posted by: ginnys_2010 on 01.08.2011 at 12:42 am in Appliances Forum

I didn't want my old thread to keep going, so I thought I'd start a new thread. In the ol' thread I was asking for advice on new stoves, but stated that Capital had been taken off the floors of retailers in my area 'cause of lack of support. My area is Santa Barbara/Ventura - SoCal. Capital did respond to my request to visit to their factory in SoCal, but finally (after a 4 mo wait - New Year's Eve Day - Yippee!!) my ol' Wolf was repaired and I'm now off the market for a new stove. However, I thought you folks might be interested in the list of service companies they did provide me for the SoCal area (listed below); however (Trevor) you'll notice that there are no companies for the Santa Barbara/Ventura area (LA Appliance in Valencia is the closest but they don't expand their service area to include Santa Barbara/Ventura) which explains why the stoves are no longer on the 'floors' in this area.

I want to give kudos to Capital for their detailed response to my visit request and questions. The Culinarian does appear to be a stove close to the pro-stoves of ol', and Trevor's great 'educational' videos and information about this product. The only 'heads-up' I'm attempting to provide by this post is a 'Buyer Beware' of post-sales support for this stove. If you live in an area in SoCal supported by one of these companies, than consider the Culinarian - if not, then make sure you figure the support factor in your final decision. In addition, I strongly urge every Buyer to determine/identify a 'qualified' service company who will maintain your stove - from personal experience there are service companies and 'qualified' service companies that can maintain your stoves. Make sure you do the same detailed research on the service companies as you have done on the stoves you are considering purchasing.

Snippet from Capital's email:
Here is a list of our Service Agencies in CA:
Active Appliance 6736 Van Nuys Boulevard Van Nuys CA 91405 818-778-1999
Advance Appliance Services, Inc. 1007B West College Avenue #482 Santa Rosa CA 95401 707-545-5223
Appliance Central 235 Tank Farm Road #B San Luis Opispo CA 93401 805-543-4303
Appliance Service Center 705 North Branciforte Santa Cruz CA 95062 831-426-8299
Arklide Appliance 3120 Colorado Street Carmichael CA 95608 916-308-8515
Bartels Appliance 4220 Meadow Brook Road Garden Valley CA 95633 530-333-9070
Bauman's Appliance Service 5757 East Clinton Avenue #116 Fresno CA 93727 559-348-9540
Baytech Appliance Repair 116 Central Avenue Redwood City CA 94061 650-571-8691
Bradley's Appliance Services 306 Fawn Court Petaluma CA 94954 707-763-7355
Capital Service Center 13211 Florence Avenue Santa Fe Springs CA 90670 866-402-4600
Economy Service 1005 Minerva Street San Leandro CA 94577 510-798-4409
Five Star Appliance Repair 724 Pope Court Roseville CA 95747 916-768-7296
Fosters Appliance 3015 Honolulu Avenue La Crescenta CA 91214 818-249-6143
Integrity Appliance Company 18645 Sherman Way #216 Reseda CA 91335 818-710-1039
Jags Appliance Repair 35318 Lucia Street Fremont CA 94536 510-494-9674
L. A. Appliance 25574 Rye Canyon Road #C Valencia CA 91355 661-964-0544
Luxury Appliance 1123 N. Sand Dimas Canyon Rd Sand Dimas CA 91773 909-342-7042
Mr. Appliance of Eastbay 33514 University Drive Union City CA 94578 510-487-8630
Mr. Appliance of Sunnyvale 25052 Mohr Drive Hayward CA 94545 408-844-8796
Your BBQ Grill Doc 4330 Montgomery Drive Santa Rosa CA 95405 707-703-9535


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RE: Looking for custom cabinet maker in SF Bay Area (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: salmon_slayer on 01.01.2011 at 12:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

Custom Cabinet Works built the cabinets and island for our Pebble Beach house. They were competitive and came with very high evaluations. I can honestly say they were fantastic and worked with us for the solution we wanted at a reasonable price. They also pointed out a couple concerns with our design and provided solutions that made the final product better and installation much easier. They will install or just sell the cabinets. Talk to John. Email me is you want more info. I have no affiliation with them other than buying cabinets from them.

P.S. wherever you buy them from, make sure they can shoot conversion varnish finishes. The others do not hold up nearly as well. Calif EPA requirements dictate they have stringent controls that not all shops have.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom Cabinets


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RE: Looking for custom cabinet maker in SF Bay Area (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: ZacsDaddy on 12.31.2010 at 11:21 pm in Kitchens Forum

Check out Millbrea Cabinets -- They do full custom cabinets and also offer Aristocratic Cabinets. We were planning on going full custom, but ended up using Aristocratic as they offer lots of flexibility in their line. We worked with a number of cabinetry shops trying to come up with a plan that met our budget/plan and they were by far the best to work with. (We just placed the order on Christmas Eve!)

Anyway, ask for Mike -- he's great.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Millbrea Cabinet Shop


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