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Agave Ddesmettiana Variegata Joe Hoak is gorgeous!

posted by: yorkiemiki on 02.17.2014 at 12:28 am in Cacti & Succulents Forum

Does anyone have this? Agave Desmettiana Variegata Joe Hoak.

Anyone know where to get one?

I have Agave Desmettiana Variegata which are easy to grow here in LA, but this Joe Hoak version is gorgeous. Does this version grow the same way?
This is not mine, but an example I found on google images


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Pumice in Bulk?

posted by: gargaile on 12.31.2013 at 11:21 am in Cacti & Succulents Forum

Hello folks! Anyone know a place in LA area to buy pumice in bulk?

I know OSH sells in small packs but like commercially?

Thank you. Gary


$8 50lb pumice
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Supplies by State/Region: Al's Gritty Mix

posted by: greyslate on 04.06.2009 at 07:17 pm in Container Gardening Forum

When starting out looking for the supplies for Al�s Gritty Mix, I ran into some walls. Aided by the indomitable tapla;), I was lucky enough to find everything needed. I thought that we could start a thread in which everyone who is using the Gritty Mix posts where they found supplies � in order to help out new converts in their area. I�ve started with some Maryland information � please follow-up with what you�ve found!

If you�re still looking, and no one�s posted/found supplies in your area, use these tips from tapla:
Grani-grit � "Go to MSN Yellow Pages; Enter Grain Elevator under 'Business name or category'; Enter Location under 'Location'; Call those businesses with 'grain', 'elevator', or 'farming services' after the bold 'category'; Ask for crushed granite grower grit. If they say they have it, be sure it is crushed granite before you head out to pick it up. It might be helpful to ask if it is packaged under the name 'Gran-I-Grit'." I also got lucky looking under "feed suppliers/stores" ...
Turface � Use the website to find local distributors:

State/Region/Province: Maryland (Central/North)
Turface: Newsom Seed Company, locations in Fulton and Gaithersburg (sells by the 50# bag),
Grani-Grit: The Mill, Parkton (Does not normally stock it, but readily orders it for no extra fee; will sell small quantities) (410) 329-6558
Bark fines: "GardenPro, Premium Bark Mulch" from Lowe�s (must be sifted through screens for size, but decent to start with)


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'Neon Breakers' - Echeveria color getting dull

posted by: yorkiemiki on 11.06.2013 at 01:11 am in Cacti & Succulents Forum

So when I purchased 'Neon Breakers' from the big box store it was bright neon in the center and almost flourescent colored. Since then it has lost it's colors and is kind of dull purplish/ light blueish.

Is there a reason for this? I bought 2 separate ones and both went dull. One I put in a new pot as it was getting kind of big and the other I left in it's original. I water once every week or 2 and it gets a descent amount of sun here in coastal Los Angeles


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Allure Ultra or other brand? Vinyl Plank Flooring over Particle

posted by: yorkiemiki on 10.26.2013 at 02:20 pm in Flooring Forum

Hi in my condo I have a fairly sound particle board subfloor. I hope this is OK because

I was thinking of installing "Allure -Ultra", "engage- select plank", or "Coretec -plus". Vinyl plank over it.
They're 5 mm, 5 mm, and 8mm gauge thickness
They all have lifetime residential /10yr commercial warranties

Does anyone know about these brands? I'm guessing some have experience with Allure. Is it worth it to pay extra for Allure "Ultra" which is 5 mm instead of 4 mm?

Would you recommend these over particle board subfloor?

I'm in an area which is relatively dry. About 10-13 inches of rain per year. Coastal Los Angeles

The subfloor feels pretty sound and hard and only has >1/8 gaps between different particle boards. Some have carpet staples which I could either remove or hammer down level.

Could I possibly floor prep or even paint the floors to prep them for this?

Any other tips or experience would be great.

Pic below is of particle board under lifted carpet


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Gypsum Soil Amendment benefits for PIG succulents?

posted by: yorkiemiki on 10.18.2013 at 09:46 pm in Cacti & Succulents Forum

So I'm in the middle of planting a succulent garden where I used to have grass in a small "hell strip" by the street. (I'm realizing now that I'm running low on actual succulents plants as the space is a lot larger then I had anticipated)

Anyways I realized that the soil deep down was heavy in CLAY. It's really hard and has taken a long time to dig up.

For an ammendment I was recommended Gypsum which is supposed to add calcium and break up the clay in the soil.

Are there other benefits for Gypsum? Could I use it in my potted succulents?
Any recommendations as to how to use gypsum, what amount etc? I bought a large 50 lb bag for like $5


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RE: Succulent Watering tips for Los Angeles Climate (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: aztcqn on 09.12.2013 at 08:46 am in Cacti & Succulents Forum

Yeah, this nasty heat wave managed to kill some of my smaller ground covers I had in pots. Unfortunately, I didn't keep up on the watering for non succulent plants!

I live in West Los Angeles, so, we get the humid evenings and the fog as well. As my plants grow out of the plastic containers they came in, I transition them into high draining mix and grow them in ceramic/ clay containers. I'm finding that twice (3 times for the wee plants in 2 inch pots) a week in this heatwave kept the cacti and succulents content. I use clay because they're porous and when the winter rains come, I want the roots to dry out as much as possible between watering. Easier for me to deal with the winter damp. The mix I use drains instantly to a few seconds when water is poured through. Been following this schedule since spring and seems to work quite well. The denser and lease draining the soil, the lease often you water.

In regular weather, like we're having at the moment with warm sunny clear days and cool evenings, I'm back to once a week watering.


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Aloe tree sick

posted by: pixmol on 09.13.2013 at 02:08 pm in Cacti & Succulents Forum

I have this Aloe Bainesii tree that has been planted in full sun for almost 1 year. Recently, the trunk has been diminishing and the aloe leaves are brown and getting weak. There are quite a few ants but I don't know if they are capable of doing this kind of damage. There are no cancerous growths and we have little rain in Southern California. Not sure what this could be or what to do, any help is appreciated.


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Succulent Watering tips for Los Angeles Climate

posted by: yorkiemiki on 08.30.2013 at 02:57 pm in Cacti & Succulents Forum

Hi I'm kinda new to succulents. Well I've had some in the garden and pots that I've just neglected- lots of varieties of Jade, Aloe, Yucca etc. Recently become obsessed with them.

Anyways I had some questions about watering (cuttings versus established plants) in my climate and during different seasons.

I live in San Pedro which is part of coastal Los Angeles so I believe my hardiness Zone is between 9-10?

During the summer I was wondering how much to water established succulents in pots and also in the ground? We have a heat streak and it's been around 83-89 F degrees the past few days

Also what do you recommend as far as shade and watering for cuttings versus estalished plants?

How long do you water cuttings differently ten regular plants?

I recently acquired a lot of cuttings from a neighbor who was moving and he was tearing his plants from his home before he moved haha! I got tons of cuttines of sedum, jade, agave, aloe, aoeniums, echeveria and so many more! I let them dry between 2-10 days and have been potting them in soil. The soil I used is 2 part potting soil, 2 part sand/perlite 1 part small gravel

I expect to be posting here A LOT. I love this forum and am absolutely fascinated by succulents. I've been finding a lot of neighbors just trimming them and throwing them on the side and I can easily get cuttings. It's good to be in Southern California when you love succulents!

Attached is an example of one of my cutting gardens. It has a agave, aeonium, some jade, and sedum varieties.


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