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Pine bark fines

posted by: rich_manure on 03.23.2007 at 01:00 pm in Container Gardening Forum

I asked a similar question last year but want to be sure to get the best product for my containers. I'm looking to follow Al's ingredients list to make my mix, but the pine fines are still not something I've found. Scotts earthgro decorative pine bark mulch was suggested, but on their web site they only list dark and cedar in this category, can either of these be used or is pine mandatory. My understanding is there isn't really a PBF product it's simply a soil conditioner or mulch. I don't want to buy bags of commercial mix I really want to make my own. Any other product suggestions for the PBF portion of Al's ingredients.


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wisteria tree question

posted by: bluebonnett on 10.10.2004 at 02:25 am in Topiary Forum

Need advice on training wisteria into a tree. Would like to have plated trunk .Anyone ever do this?


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