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RE: vent hood blowers: internal vs remote noise? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: trailrunner on 08.11.2006 at 05:01 pm in Appliances Forum

I have posted this several times but am glad to do so again if it will help. Try looking at the Tradewind liner instead of Prestige. Tradewind has a more complete product as it includes the necessary in-line silencer for your duct run. Also Thermador makes the 1400 cfm remote fan that is compatable with this liner at a very good cost. I posted prices if you do a search of the recent threads on ventilation. Good Luck Caroline


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RE: Are there any SZ 611 alternatives? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: bulldogr on 10.22.2006 at 09:44 am in Appliances Forum

Hard to find in the config you want. However, there are other 30" options such as northland, traulsen, and other high end refriges. Have you considered equal-space (frig/freezer) stackables? Check out Perlick. They offer a seemless trim option for stacking. We went this route in our cabin since we use only a "weekend" refrig and need more freezer space to store meats, etc until the next time we go to the cabin. Works perfect. Glass door top and built-in bottom freezer.


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