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Limp violet leaves

posted by: xiach on 11.30.2012 at 01:53 pm in African Violets Forum

I've had my violet for about 1.5, 2 years. Recently I started noticing the outer leaves have gone limp/rotten (and I took them off). I haven't done much different...haven't repotted or anything...the soil is moist when I stick my finger in it...any advice would be great! Thanks!


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Smelly towels

posted by: xiach on 10.15.2012 at 04:38 pm in Laundry Room Forum

I live in an 5 unit apartment with laundry downstairs. Lately my towels have been getting really smelly after just 1, 2 uses. What can I do to get rid of the smell? We have a top loader commercial washer...I wash my towels with hot water and powder detergent.


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why isn't my orchid growing/blooming?

posted by: xiach on 08.14.2012 at 01:41 pm in Orchids Forum

Hi all,

I rescued an orchid from my office about 2 years ago. The original leaves had fallen off and it's growing new leaves. However the roots keep shriveling up but it's growing little baby roots. The leaves also keep drying up and falling off. There are currently 3 leaves (pretty small, thumb size I'd say), one of them is getting a bit dried up. What am I doing wrong? I water every 2 weeks. Is that too infrequent? It's still in its original pot. It has barks and other stuff, and moss top. Do I need to repot? Do I need to set it on a humidity tray?

I'm in SF bay area and I keep it by my window (no direct sunlight, I keep my violet and wandering jew plant there and they thrive.)


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