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Cost of Rosetone

posted by: peggyoregon on 05.03.2012 at 09:09 am in Roses Forum

What is up with the makers of this fertilizer? In 2 short years the price has jumped from around $16/large bag to $20. I have over 60 roses & just can't afford to use the product anymore. You can buy the ingredients dirt cheap at the feed store so I'm going to try that - mixing up my own. Shame on Espoma for getting so greedy.


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Own Roots, Soil, and Fertilizer in Florida

posted by: sandandsun on 01.01.2012 at 11:05 am in Roses Forum

Sherry, I hope you don't mind. I started this thread for you and others based on your following post:

Posted by sherryocala 9A Florida (My Page) on Fri, Dec 30, 11 at 12:53

Chris, I hadn't read about the "barren area starvation method", but that's basically what I've done. My front garden is almost surrounded by pavement with weed-cloth covered graveled areas in the middle, and the beds are amended to the extreme (more than 50% soil replacement) and very fertile. The back garden has no pavement nearby but lots of gravel and similarly amended beds. I also don't like the look of fort-grafted roses. I only have one left - Mrs B R Cant. Like you said, if a gardener has only sand and doesn't want or can't go the total excavation/amend route, grafted makes sense. The problem is availability and then expense.

My other concern/doubt/question is the ground below my amended beds. My roses are old enough for their roots to have penetrated into that horrible, compacted, limey, cement-like native ground (Ocala has lots of limestone geology, making it excellent horse country but not so good for roses if you happen to have calcareous soil), and a few roses are suffering chlorosis and thin foliage. I may resort to lifting them, re amending the area and replanting. The organics don't seem to "flow down" sufficiently to alter the original ground. I don't know if nematodes are present in my area or if their habit is to come up from the bottom even if surrounded as you describe with starvation areas. It would be easier to assess the nematode situation if I didn't have the crappy native cement-like sand to complicate the issue. Growing roses well in Florida is certainly doable but definitely not easy. Determination, passion and a strong back (the gardener's or someone else's) are definitely required. But then, of course, people are plopping Knock Outs into the ground all over the place. I wonder what they will be looking like in a few years.

Thanks for commenting about this. I have kind of felt alone in what I have done. You explained it well.



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climbing roses??

posted by: crueltyfre on 04.29.2012 at 10:07 am in Florida Gardening Forum

My yard has been so shady for so long (and the little sun beds I had beside the pool had to stay free for the pool guy to move around (now he uses the bridge)) that I've never grown roses.

My next door neighbors are moving and they gave me two very large metal trellis's. I put them in the backyard in that bare area I had stashed all my plants for the swap, running on the other side of the side walk across from the honeysuckle. I'm thinking of a climbing rose, but know nothing about them. Those who know my yard...would one grow there? any special variety? are they diva's and difficult? (with the dad situation no diva plants! just don't have the time/energy/desire to coddle things anymore).

I'm open to other ideas for these things if you have any...


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RE: Bee Garden (Follow-Up #56)

posted by: wildmutt on 05.01.2012 at 11:44 am in Florida Gardening Forum

Anna and everyone,

Glad to find this thread, cuz I DON'T want bees, as my kids come screeching when they see them (yes, I have city slickers and I need to train that out of them).

I also have it in my head that color has a lot to do with it; is that right? Blooms of reds, oranges are particularly bee- attracting?

Here is what I am planting, and tell me what are bee-yummy so I know what to put where:

Allamanda (yellow)
Mandevilla (pink,white,red)
Confederate jasmine (I read that bees are into this...a lot?)
Gardenia (regular and dwarf)
Society garlic
Plumbago (dwarf and regular)
Tailing Lantana
Roses (to be decided)



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RE: yellow allamanda not blooming getting leggy (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: wildmutt on 05.01.2012 at 11:05 am in Florida Gardening Forum

Can yellow allamanda (bought on trellis in 3 gallon pot,bottom 18 inches just woody, top w leaves and blooms) take full all day sun in summer zone 10b?

Is shrub the same as vine, just pruned to shape, or are they different plants?

Mine has no kind of viney growth; was it just not pruned at nursery so bottom is all woody?

I have seen a gorgeous, bushy hedge of 3 ft x 3 ft yellow allamanda up the street.

I'll take a vine, or a full bushy hedge, but I don't want a leggy in-the-middle thing.



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RE: Mandevilla (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: wildmutt on 05.01.2012 at 10:54 am in Florida Gardening Forum

Full sun all day for them ok in summer?


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RE: Hedge or vine to hide chain link fence??? (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: wildmutt on 05.01.2012 at 11:16 am in Florida Gardening Forum

Thanks for the heads up on the mess, Lori. I will use the junky tools and clothes when I whack at it, which may be in a while since my plants are about 4 inches tall right now. :-)

I want to know how bad the bees get around it. I have a big yard but don't want to put it where there might be lots of bees around the gate or kids' play areas, and I have read not to plant it near a door due to bees.


btw is there a way to set up my profile so I can get emails to track responses to which threads I posted questions on?

I have a bunch of starters


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