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Philips TP3284C101 Doesn't do ANYTHING

posted by: datsun1600 on 04.24.2005 at 10:28 am in Electronics Forum

I have a Philips 32" TV Model Number TP3284 C101 Serial Number 33908162. We had a power outage the other day and later that afternoon the TV would not turn on and only made a light clicking or ticking sound from inside the unit. We have it plugged into a Monster surge protector along with all the other equipment. Everything else is fine. I called the manufacturer and they had me do a reset of the TV by unplugging it and holding the power button in for 2 minutes then plugging it back in with the power buttong help for 10 more seconds and nothing happened. I don't even get a little light on the set. Any ideas on what this could be?


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