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RE: Using my Maytag Washer Correctly (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: dadoes on 10.08.2012 at 03:49 pm in Laundry Room Forum

I have an A608. Very simple to use this machine.

Regular cycle runs a wash period, drain & spin with a 1 minute spray (occurs at the smaller bracket), refill, agitated rinse (at the larger bracket), drain & final spin (aka Damp Dry), and Off.

Perm Press should run a wash period, partial drain, refill (always select a Cold rinse for Perm Press loads), agitate for a minute, drain & spin, refill agitated rinse, drain & final spin, Off.

The number selections in both cycles is, of course, for wash time in minutes.

The designated Delicates and Knits points don't do anything different in the respective Regular or Perm Press cycle other than a shorter wash time. You can, of course, set any wash time you wish for any load.

Soak cycle fills, agitates briefly, soaks for a few mins, then drains/spins, and Off. For a longer soak time, simply monitor the cycle until it stops agitating and push the timer knob in to stop the machine for as long as you wish. When ready to continue, pull the knob to finish the soak cycle. Soak does not rinse, so reset the machine for a full cycle of either Regular or Perm Press as desired.

The Regular Action (full speed) or Gentle Action (slow speed) button choice can be used with any of the three cycles.

In case you aren't aware, there is (or should be) a manual clean lint filter in the agitator. Grasp the top part of the agitator and pull upwards to remove the cartridge. Clean and replace it. Many people, particularly those who obtain a "classic" Maytag as a 2nd-hand purchase or included with a home purchase, aren't aware of the filter and may never clean it ... which results in accumulation of gunk and residue on it that makes it non-functional due to clogging and can cause a musty/sour odor. The filter is passive in that it depends on water currents flowing through the agitator, and it doesn't do much on the lowest water level.

The small cup that sits at top of the filter cartridge is a liquid fabric softener dispenser. Add a dose of softener when starting the machine and it'll dispense into the final rinse. DON'T stop the machine or open the lid during the first spin -- after wash, before the agitated rinse -- or the softener will dispense prematurely and could spot/stain the clothes.


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