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RE: Brother Innov-is 4000D Anyone Have it? (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: liz2075 on 02.17.2007 at 01:31 am in Embroidery Forum

Hi, I also have the brother innovis. I must have the only lemon. I actually hate mine! I never use it as I can't! It's super hard to thread! The threader never has worked! I took it in multiple times. First time, I got laughed at by someone there saying I was just using wrong thread. I was using brother cotton thread 50 weight. DUH??? But I did feel totally humiliated as she had the whole embroidery club laughing. Last time I took it back the technician adjusted the now all the white bobbin thread is on top when I embroidery. So, I gave that up! And as a super duper plus he lost the attachment that holds the presser feet. They ordered a new one and it doesn't fit. When I put the presser foot down it is still in the up position! So, now I can't do any regular sewing either! I absolutely cry everytime I look at this machine! I also have the pacesetter 8200. It was one of those that the pendulum was not tempered. So, It was nothing but a huge problem till they figured it out. Then finally it ran like a charm so I decided to give brother another chance. NEVER AGAIN!


Liz, I am new to this site and I know it is a very long time since your post regarding your 4000D, First of all your repair person is a dunce, second of all if your presser foot will not go down it is part of the machine that is malfunctioning, not you; My 4000 had the same problem, I called they thought I was nuts too, when I took it it they were stunned because it is a rare problem, it was warrantied and the fixed it. It is very frustrating to have a nice, expensive machine that you cannot use. I do not know where you are but look for another service center.
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