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Seed order: 'Takion Blue/White' amazing bellflower

posted by: deanna_in_nh on 01.07.2010 at 08:17 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

I have posted a few places about the Campunula persicifolia 'Takion Blue' I bought at my local nursery this summer. I've included a link to one of my postings. This thing bloomed way up here on the zone 5/4 border through November until the first real killing frost, and in October and November it looked better than the picture in the link. It was AWESOME! It is a shorter peach-leafed bellflower, about 18"-24" tall, and blooms its head off. I am determined to have more, but I'd like to grow my own so I have MANY more. The seeds are a hybrid that can only be produced by crossing the correct parents. I *think* that only one company produces the seeds, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the seeds are expensive. If you buy them in a normal pack they're about $.40 each. But, in bulk they are only $.10 each.

I would like to order 100 seeds from Swallowtail for $9.99. I'll order both 'Takion Blue' and 'Takion White' if I have enough sharers. Would you like to go in with me on an order? I figure 20 seeds should give me some decent germination and plants. If you want 20 seeds that would be $2.00 plus shipping, but you can take more or less if you want (and only pay for the seed you want, of course). The normal bellflower seeds are tiny and friendly to regular mail, but the Takions are pelleted seeds. If they need a cushioned envelope I can take care of that easily for free.

If you would like to participate in an order of 'Takion Blue' and/or 'Takion White' please e-mail me and let me know which kind and HOW MANY SEEDS YOU WOULD LIKE at $.10/seed + shipping. Include you address.


Here is a link that might be useful: My bellflower link


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