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FAQ/Answers Bathroom Plumbing for dummies

posted by: sheilaaus122 on 06.23.2008 at 11:06 am in Bathrooms Forum

I hope this is not hijacking the previous thread of Showers- FAQ but I thought since Bill V had offered to answer a bunch, those were more likely to be tiling related. I thought maybe we should start a new one of plumbing related FAQ's and if we get lucky- answers will be posted here too.
I will start-
for a shower/tub configuration, what is needed besides the tub spout, the shower head, and the on/off thingy?
For a shower configuration(like the master bathroom with a separate tub) what is needed beside the shower head and on /off thingy?
And for both of the above, what optional fixtures do you like? (handheld, stuff like that).


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Okay, tell me about Toto toilets

posted by: jacobse on 02.18.2010 at 07:42 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I started another thread on choosing among Kohler toilets, but I realize many people have preferred Toto's in recent years -- although there are negative reports mixed in. I was a bit concerned by reports of noisy flushes and ongoing water noises, but I'm open to considering Toto over Kohler.

I'm not as familiar with Toto's models, and can't eyeball them in the local Lowes or Home Depot, but there are a number of Toto designs which seem to meet my desire for a clean, contemporary look. It seems most comments here are from people who installed a Toto Drake. Style-wise, I'd prefer something like the Pacifica, Vespin or Nexus, with their clean lines and skirted base, but I haven't seen any of these mentioned much. Anyone have one? The Nexus is the only one in the comfort height, so I'd probably lean towards that. Many of the Toto models don't appear in the MaP (Maximum Performance) report, so I don't have objective measurements of their flushing ability, but I assume the various G-Max models would be similar? Is the Drake better for some reason, or just less expensive than these skirted models? And how important is Sanigloss (which I note is not on the Nexus).

And why did I think a choice of toilet would be one of the easy parts of shopping for the bathroom remodels? ;)

-- Eric


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I think I finally found white granite!

posted by: firsthouse_mp on 07.15.2009 at 12:36 am in Kitchens Forum

After many weeks of confused and tiring decision-making, I think I just may have found my perfect countertop. I have been avidly following all the posts about finding just that "perfect" piece and was getting more and more discouraged. My DH does not want marble but I have true love of it. The more I looked at granite, the more I felt it fell short. But I visited a number of slab yards (9 in total) and some more than an hour away and today I finally found "IT".

Here in California it's called White Princess but who knows what other names it's called....yippee!!

Hope all you who are still in "countertop angst" find your true love soon!


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White Subway Tile tub/shower remodel

posted by: cassidyhome on 07.30.2005 at 12:22 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We had a leak so we reluctantly tapped into our emergency savings account and started to create something beautiful and functional. The first step was to remove an old tub and tile surround, including old aluminum windows that wouldn't slide any more. We replaced them with vinyl retrofit windows with "Industrex" privacy glass and chose a non-opening window for the shower.

The tub is a Kohler Synchrony K-1195-L with the integrated tiling flange. The fixtures are all from American Standard "The Standard Collection." The toilet was the only thing we saved - it is a Kohler Memoirs Classic elongated.

The wall tile is Daltile Rittenhouse Square in Arctic White with a Portobello White Line Bordura accent piece which measures 1.5" x 8" and is installed 69" from the floor. The window sill is a white-gray marble with a polished finish.

The floor is Cerim "The Wood Collection" porcelain wood-look tile in the color "Ellinton." We chose two of the 3 available sizes - which measure about 20" x 8" and 16" x 6".

The walls and ceiling are painted in Benjamin Moore's Bleeker Beige (really Behr paint purchased at Home Depot). The door is a Simpson Shaker-style 5-panel. The trim was crafted by my husband out of MDF-thanks so much to posters on this forum who inspired the design.

The exhaust fan is a Panasonic WhisperLite FV-07VQL3 and the switches that control it are Leviton 6260M and 5634. The curtain rod is a Myson in a chrome finish and the curtain is a nylon "The Traveler".

Image hosted by

The photos are in my Photobucket account: and the password is Maggie


Here is a link that might be useful: Password: Maggie


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Choosing the GC

posted by: busybme on 11.13.2008 at 09:39 am in Remodeling Forum

The final bids are coming in for our 3-phase remodel/addition and we need to make a choice.

We're finding it difficult to weed through the submitted estimates and compare 'apples to apples'. Each GC used a different format for submitting their bid: some were extremely detailed (one gave us copies of all the subcontractor bids and supply lists - over 50 pages) and others put the whole thing on 3 pages (in big font and double spaced).

We have had a total of 6 companies come through to bid, and 5 have followed through and submitted.

Anyway, has anyone developed a process to use for comparing the information? I was hoping to be able to make a decision by next Monday, but looking at each bid, item by item, will take me longer than that.

Also, one of the bids came from the brother of a friend who has been in the contrating business for 30 years (excellant reputation and references) but essentially works alone with an assistant. Is it possible for two guys to compete with "sub-crews" (framers, insulation, drywallers, etc) when it comes to staying on schedule? His completion estimate was right in line with the others.

Thanks for any advice!



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