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My Observation. What Do You Think?

posted by: wanttogarden on 02.03.2012 at 05:10 pm in Roses Forum

Per advice of many in this forum,
1. I try to bury graft/bud union, if the shank is not too long.

2. I do not allow mulch/ alfalfa pallets/ compost come in contact with the canes.

Most of my roses lost all or most of their original canes to canker or die back. I blamed it to insufficient root system, bad specimen, or just the way roses behaved. They slowly regrew new canes or added structure to what was left, forming bud union above ground. I have not lost a plant yet, but I have many weak ones in the yard.

While I was picking up my roses at Regan last month, I mentioned that to the lady who was helping me. She said that it was because I was planting them too deep and if I wanted own root plant, I should bury bottom of the graft and let the sun hit the top part. Having nothing to loose, I planted them this way this year. No cane loss yet!

Today, as I was moving the pallets which were piled too closely to the canes and center of the plant, I noticed that the roses that went backward, were all planted deep.
Now that I think about it, it kind of make sense. While planting deep, wet soil touching the canes make them rot.
Maybe that's why many say that in warm climates, bud union should be above ground.

What do you think?


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Please advice on suitability of my choices for next year

posted by: wanttogarden on 08.14.2011 at 01:37 pm in Antique Roses Forum

I live in San Jose area. I mostly grow floribundas like Our Lady of Guadalupe, Julia Child, Eureka, Honey Perfume, Easy Does it, Pumpkin Patch, Cinco de Mayo, Love Strike, Hot Coco. I have few Hybrid Teas with superior flower power, like, Strike it reach, Bronze Star, Yves Piaget, Bronne de Rothschild, and Double Delight. I have few OGR, Cecile Bruner, Pink pet, Sophie's perpetual and Grandmother's Hat. I am thinking of adding few more "small" OGR to my yard and replace the sorry DAs I have.

I am thinking of

SdlM don't know where to put her yet
Marie Daly to replace Glamis Castle in big pots
Marie Pavie to replace Glamis Castle in big pots
Perle d'Or to be planted next to Cecil Brunner next to drive way
Rose de Rescht to replace Golden Celebration in full sun in the middle of yellow bed.

Of course I have to find them first. Vintage does not have them in stock yet. But if and when I find them,
1. Will they be happy in my yard?
2. Do they need any special place or would they be happy in any old place? ( Sun/shade/wet/dry )

I would appreciate any advice or info you can give me.


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Does Anyone Grows Romantica Roses in Cal?

posted by: wanttogarden on 01.16.2011 at 03:23 pm in Roses Forum

What is your experience with them? Which ones are well suited for our climate.

I am thinning out Austins from my garden and looking for alternatives.



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roses for partial shade

posted by: oldroseguy on 02.13.2013 at 10:16 pm in Antique Roses Forum

Public garden in deep south needs to replace about 20 old garden roses due to hurricane damage. There is a problem of significant shade caused by live oak trees. The garden design can't be changed and the roses must adapt to less than ideal conditions.Any suggestions for the new plantings would be greatly appreciated.


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