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RE: Choosing brick/stone (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: tncraft on 01.02.2012 at 10:48 pm in Building a Home Forum

Thank you all for the feedback.

So, I did alot of driving around trying to find some inspiration. Here's the house I really like:

I never thought I would like a white house until I saw this! I have no idea if this was painted/whitewashed/mortar washed (well, I don't really know what the differences are). Or, maybe it's a white brick that did not require any additional treatment. Do they exist?

I'm contacting 2 brick companies tomorrow to give me an idea what brick they used on this house. I did talk to my builder and discussed what kind of extra cost it would be to if we whitewash the brick. He's guessing extra $10k!!! Ouch! But he thinks the above house was painted considering the consistency.

I really like it BUT:

1. I'm worried about resale. I know one realtor who just built a new house (same price range) who painted the brick white. Her house is all white but not as pretty as the one above. Does this mean it would be safe to assume that resale is not a problem? FYI, I have not found that many white brick houses in the area.

2. Maintenance. Main reason we want brick/stone everywhere is for low maintenance. If we do paint/whitewash, that means it's no longer low maintenance, right????

3. how it ages. I guess this is also considered maintenance, but I'm concerned how white brick would look over time. Would it eventually look dingy?

Any ideas to achieve the above look without doing any painting/whitewashing??? I have been looking at lighter bricks. Maybe this will be a good enough alternative.

Any thoughts/comments highly appreciated. Thanks!


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