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Welcome! Question about poison ivy in the lawn..

posted by: mamabirrd on 06.15.2006 at 06:50 pm in Ask The Yard Doctor Forum

Hello Dr. Trey, and welcome to GardenWeb! This is a great place full of great people and we are glad to have you.

I work in the lawn care industry and have quite a bit of experience with most things, but there is one thing I would love to get your opinion and expertise on. Poison Ivy in the lawn.

I recently purchased 14 acres and it is badly infested. I plan to spray it with Lesco 3-Way w/ sticker this weekend.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions to help rid my new lawn areas of this horrible weed?

Thanks so much!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)


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How do I control or eliminate weedy rhizome grasses?

posted by: lil_rhody on 06.17.2006 at 07:16 am in Ask The Yard Doctor Forum

We have tall weedy perennial grasses that have infested our perennial flower gardens. These grasses grow tall and form large stands which spread rapidly by rhizomes.

I've concluded it to be barnyard grass, quackgrass or both. Ultimately we would like to eliminate it completely or at best control it to a managable level.
My wife and I have been pulling it out for years and try to get as many of the rhizomes as possible but it always seems to come back and continues to spread.
We do not compost the pulled grass out of fear the rhizomes will spread elswhere, therefore we bag the waste in trash bags and bring them curbside.

Besides hand pulling or tilling, what is the most efficient method of elimination or control?

Thanks in advance.



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