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RE: Hardy Outdoor Plants (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: hosenemesis on 05.20.2009 at 04:00 pm in California Gardening Forum

Hi there,

Asparagus ferns are fabulous plants that just about everyone in California has at one point planted in the ground and then regretted.

I don't regret mine. I live in a similar climate, and I use sprenger asparagus ferns quite a bit, in addition to the other three varieties that are found at the local nurseries. The nasty fern with thorns that you grow is probably a climbing asparagus fern, and I also grow the "foxtail" variety and the very tall spiky variety. I love the lush appearance, the low water requirements, and the heat tolerance of these plants.

Nandina is another tried and true lush looking, heat tolerant plant, at least it is here. Rhaphiolepis (sp) or Indian Hawthorne can usually take the heat and you can get it in bright pink. There are a few daylilies that grow in the heat. Take a look at the flowers grown by Greenwood in Somis. They say which ones can survive heat.

I have good luck with the succulent blue senecio groundcover. It has not yet cooked in the sun like the jade plants and the echeverrias.

Santa Barbara daisies might do well for you in the spring. They are finished by late spring for me.

Agaves and yuccas can both take the heat. Both have lovely blooms and attract hummingbirds. An added bonus: they reproduce quickly, so you can buy just a few plants and have a gorgeous bed in a short period of time. I find Aloes to be a bit trickier because the varieties I have planted burn in direct sun and the leaves turn brown at the ends if I don't water them enough.

You can also check over in Arizona Gardening.

Have you considered planting some trees?


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