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questions re fertilizer and AVs that don't bloom

posted by: violetta1976 on 09.27.2007 at 12:19 am in African Violets Forum

Two unrelated questions:

1. Do some AVs need more fertilizer than others? All of my AVs get fed out of the same watering can with the same amount of fertilizer, but some of them have tight crowns and some don't.

2. Are there some AVs that don't bloom? I've had one for about 3 years that's never bloomed, and I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to.


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suggestions for flowering perrenials?

posted by: violetta1976 on 10.14.2007 at 07:50 pm in Northwestern Gardening Forum

I fell in love with some pictures of different Dianthus, until I read somewhere that they don't like getting too wet! Scratch that idea!

Does anyone know of any flowering perrenials that can withstand full sun all summer and yet survive our grey skies and rain all winter? It seems a lot to ask out of any one plant, but there has to be something out there... Oh, and on top of the sun, heat, and wetness, it needs to do well in containers!

Maybe I should just stick to annuals if I want bright blooms in the summer? I just hate making the investment every year, and it's so nice to see things growing up on their own as the seasons change.


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how quickly do clematis grow?

posted by: violetta1976 on 07.22.2007 at 07:42 pm in Clematis Forum

Hello all,

I read somewhere that clematis in pruning group C should be given a hard prune - to about 12" - every winter and that they grow back again before blooming. My goodness! How quickly do clematis grow?

I started late because I moved, and only planted my clematis a month ago. I followed the instructions I was given and pruned them back really hard right after re-potting them, and thus didn't expect to see much from them this year. Now I'm wondering - do you think I might actually see them grow and start to crawl up my balcony railing this year? Or was I right in thinking that in the next year or two is when I'll really get to enjoy them?

Total aside - I'm seeing buds and new leaves on them and I'm pretty excited about it. :0)


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Help me decide which of these sites to order from?

posted by: violetta1976 on 07.24.2007 at 01:01 pm in Clematis Forum

After many searches of this forum, I've decided on madame julia correvon. Thanks for all the pics of it that everyone posted!

I priced it out on all the different sites that were recommended in the posts I looked at. There's moderate price differences involved, but if one retailer has a significantly better product than another I'd be willing to pay a couple bucks more.

Here's the list:

18.90 - Bluestone
22.00 - Joy Creek
22.60 - Garden Crossing
25.00 - Silver Star
25.35 - Chalk Hill

Brushwood is sold out of it. Since I'm a teensy bit tight on cash I'm leaning towards Bluestone, but figured I'd check in with all of you and make sure that wasn't a mistake first.


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Hmm... what color clematis to buy?

posted by: violetta1976 on 07.23.2007 at 01:03 pm in Clematis Forum

Hi all! Just for fun I thought I'd ask for some advice.

I have clematis palette growing along the whole front of this balcony:

It's kind of hard to see, but there are three brown pots along the front and that's what the clematis are in.

Note the terra cotta pot underneath the window on the right, with the fan shaped trellis in it and leaning on the window. Excellent spot for another clematis, don't you think? I want to cover that window and provide the plants inside with some shade.

I think I want to stick with group 3, but what color(s) do you think would look nice there?

Here's the palette:

And here's a close up of the window boxes, but I doubt I'll plant the same stuff again next year:


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