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Happy Birthday GWTamara

posted by: momj47 on 03.02.2013 at 12:06 pm in Cooking Forum

Hope it's a great day for you.

Happy Birthday


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RE: HAVE: Adopt a Milkweed Newbie - Part 4 (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: kchd on 03.05.2014 at 07:00 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

Milkweed Newbies up for Adoption
Updated 3/12/14

1. zioncottage, zone 7b, NC -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
2. wonky, zone 7, AL -- adopted by butterflymomok - COMPLETE
3. cinnie0, zone 9b, so. CA -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
4. sher305, zone 7, TX -- adopted by cghpnd - - COMPLETE
5. edlincoln, zone 6a, MA -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
6. BayL, zone 3/4, MN -- adopted by xiangirl -- COMPLETE
7. missiblueridge, zone 7a, NC -- adopted by cghpnd - COMPLETE
8. craftie2, zone 8a, state? -- adopted by domehome -- COMPLETE
9. sallygardens, zone 7, east TN -- adopted by cghpnd - COMPLETE
10. jkelley393, zone 8a, SC -- adopted by poisondartfrog
11. lisianthuslover, zone 7a, NC -- adopted by cghpnd - COMPLETE
12. aquadragonfly, zone 7b, NC -- adopted by cghpnd - email re-sent
13. djune, zone 8, TX -- adopted by nel.nuciferator
14. ladyrose, zone 6b, NJ -- adopted by wildflowerman
15. preseley, zone 7, AR -- adopted by mary_littlerockar - COMPLETE
16. kmaries139, zone 7, AR -- adopted by mary_littlerockar - COMPLETE
17. petedist, zone 5, IN -- adopted by BeesNeeds - COMPLETE
18. Dani74, zone 7a, NC -- adopted by poisondartfrog - COMPLETE
19. LullabyF360, zone 8a, n LA -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
20. lenahall, zone 7b, nw GA -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
21. socalgardengal, zone 10, CA -- adopted by socalgal -- COMPLETE
22. GMOFREEGUY, zone ?, n.CA -- adopted by domehome -- seeds sent
23. darlene87, zone 7, WA -- adopted by terenne & xiangirl -- COMPLETE
24. kathunder, zone 6a, OH -- adopted by docmom -- COMPLETE
25. Itzybitzy, zone 7b, NC -- adopted by wildflowerman2000
26. andbowen, zone 7b/8a, TX -- adopted by kchd -- seeds sent
27. madcatter13, zone 6b, PA -- adopted by caterwallin -- COMPLETE
28. plantsforever, zone 6, -- adopted by caterwallin -- COMPLETE
29. michi81, zone 7, NC -- adopted by terenne
30. beth4652, zone 7, GA -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy
31. abarbie4me, zone 8, TX -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy - COMPLETE
32. MrsHolland, zone 7, NC -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy -- in contact
33. Fernette, zone 6, PA -- adopted by kchd -- COMPLETE
34. Lorabell, zone 8, NC -- adopted by dem_pa - COMPLETE
35. Duchessof8939, zone 6, TN -- adopted by dem_pa -- seeds sent
36. yeli0507, zone 9, state ?? -- adopted by dem_pa - COMPLETE
37. sandy_village, zone 9, CA -- adopted by Dee -- COMPLETE
38. clipclop, zone 8a, GA -- adopted by dem_pa -- COMPLETE
39. em247, zone 5a, IA -- adopted by docmom -- COMPLETE
40. teisa, zone 6, TN -- adopted by dem_pa - COMPLETE
41. Shannon.S, zone 10, FL -- adopted by jensyen
42. blossombrigade, zone 6/7, UT -- adopted by dem_pa - COMPLETE
43. MLPTurner, zone 10, CA -- adopted by jensyen -- COMPLETE
44. kcpavlik, zone 5b, IL -- adopted by dem_pa
45. PepperfromMI, zone 5b, IN -- adopted by dem_pa - COMPLETE
46. Brizee77, zone 6/7, TN -- adopted by dem_pa
47. plant-one-on-me, zone 6a, MI -- adopted by docmom
48. JerseyPurl, zone 6, NJ -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy - seeds sent
49. nicole_13, zone 7b, NC-- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy
50. Syntria, zone 8, TX -- self-completed (lol)
51. jsunbox, zone 10a, CA -- adopted by NKUSigEp COMPLETE
52. tumblingtomatoes, zone 9, FL -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy
53. jayhawkfan56, zone 5b/6a, KS -- adopted by xiangirl
54. katsgarden2012, zone 4, NH -- adopted by mrs.b_in_wy
55. ZoeMom, zone 10, CA -- adopted by domehome - seeds sent
56. mamaof2dd, zone 7/8, w. TX -- adopted by kchd
59. flowersnhens, zone 4, ME -- adopted by ndev0524
60. VivVarble, zone 8B, se TX -- adopted by dem_pa
61. fatkats, zone 7a, south NJ -- adopted by kchd - seeds sent
62. artyfact, zone 9a, CA -- adopted by domehome - COMPLETE
63. sullivann, zone 4, VT -- adopted by kchd - COMPLETE
64. caw_in_zn5, zone 4/5, ID
65. CrazyCatMomma, zone 6, TN -- adopted by kchd
66. susieqsie, zone 9, FL
67. vbgoold, zone 7, MD -- adopted by jensyen - seeds sent
68. ndgrad95, zone 5, OH
69. country-gardener, zone 6b, sw IL
70. yollie60, zone 7, s. NJ
71. brodyjames, zone 5b, se WI -- looking for A. physocarpa
72. ajsmama, zone 5b, nw CT
73. Desirai, zone 7B, AL -- adopted by kchd

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Hey only for testing purpose,,,
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WANTED: fixed

posted by: gwTamara on 08.07.2013 at 03:32 pm in Gw123test Forum

or not


only for testing
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RE: Paula Deen (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: foodonastump on 06.22.2013 at 04:32 pm in Cooking Forum

Knee-jerk reaction necessitated by our uber-PC, sensitive society. They didn't have a choice. Hopefully the truth of the situation will come out and the future of her career will fall into place accordingly. She wouldn't be the first to be rehired after a scandal - think Robert Irvine.

If she really created a hostile work environment due to prejudices, then she deserves to crash and burn IMO. But if her worst offense is uttering a degrading word here and there in her lifetime, then I'm more offended by her abuse of butter and licking of fingers. I don't care who you are but if you've never had a thought or uttered a slur towards someone's ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation then you're a better person than I. And I like to consider myself very accepting of all of the above.

I'm more interested in TWA flight 800. That one never sat well with me.

(editing to clarify - my flight 800 comment was due to the fact that CNN was on in the background and that's the other thing I'm hearing too much of. Oh, and North West.)

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Only for testing purpose
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Wanting to Start Home Embroidery & gifts business

posted by: kimbal on 01.02.2010 at 01:58 pm in Embroidery Forum

Hi there! I VERY interested in starting a small home based embroidery business and putting gift bags together. I absolutely do not have the money to put into a commercial embroidery sewing machine at this time and everyone keeps saying to go ahead and get one. I know nothing about sewing, so I will have to learn, but I am a quick learner. So I am anticipating starting off slowly, with my children and friends. I also want to get a combo embroidery/sewing machine. Could someone recommend one for around $2-3,000? I can't do any more than that. I want to buy it from a dealer so I can take advantage of the lessons. I appreciate any input. I was shown the Brother Innovis 2800D, but wanted to make sure there wasn't another one that would be comparable to it for possibly less money. I was the USB port and card/flashdrive reader. Thank you.


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Testing Message Body Text

posted by: viet_gunjan on 11.29.2012 at 06:05 pm in Development Testing Forum

Hi Guys,

First Post on this Forum to see all Testing...

Can I see or Not.. If Yes
I am here to put IndiaMart

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only for Testing purpose
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RE: WANTED: 27" or 30" Fridge End Panels () (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: viet_gunjan on 11.28.2012 at 08:28 am in Gw123test Forum

followup post3-4

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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only for tesing purpose
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RE: symb (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: viet_gunjan on 09.17.2012 at 04:09 am in Gw123test Forum

My Next changes here to see and reflect changes ░ �


Can I see this changes here to clip
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Sticky- WANTED: By mistake missed sticky

posted by: viet_gunjan on 08.10.2012 at 07:09 am in Gw123test Forum

Now posting here to see all this sticky posts now..


Hi I am clipping this post
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RE: bathroom tile FAQ's (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: bill_vincent on 04.28.2009 at 04:22 pm in Bathrooms Forum

First off, I would not use travertine outside ANYWHERE where freeze/ thaw cycles are an issue. As for the crack you have, you need to check it and make sure one side is not higher than the other. The reason I say that is NO membrane will protect the tile from vertical movement-- only lateral. Next, you need to make sure the area is pitched so as not to have standing water on the area, so it can't get under the tile and freeze at night. Once all this is taken into account, my recommendation for a membrane would be from The Noble Company, and it's a product called Nobledeck.

For any more discussion on this, please start a thread on the discussions side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nobledeck


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