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minwax ebony, dark walnut or jacobean, help asap!

posted by: vicnewbuild on 06.05.2011 at 10:03 pm in Flooring Forum

We are building a house and I am going crazy trying to decide the stain for the oak floors. I want dark floors without any hint of red. I had the builder put a sample of all 3 on a plank for me and I think the Jacobean has a hint of green (am I wrong?), the dark walnut might be to light brown, and the ebony just looks like a light black without any brown in it. I am looking for a very dark brown color and I can only choose from Minwax stains. Would appreciate pics of any of these stains if used on your hardwood floors since a small sample board might not be indicative of an entire house!!
BTW - my kitchen will be an antique white with a glaze (perimeter) and island will be a dark maple called ginger snap.


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