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RE: estimate for carrara marble in NYC (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: pharaoh on 04.03.2008 at 01:26 pm in Kitchens Forum

That quote is outrageous! $171 per sq ft! but then you are in NYC. carrara marble is not considered an expensive stone. In los angeles, you can get the slab for about $15-$20 per sq ft + $30 per sq ft for fabrication and installation. Total is $50 per sq ft x 35 = $1750

For $171 you should be getting semi precious stones such as lapiz lazuli, amethyst, agate etc.


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Love this under my sink!

posted by: iwantakitchen on 04.01.2008 at 05:07 pm in Kitchens Forum

Love this under my sink. It is heavy duty and pulls out most of the way.


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RE: Dish Drawer Size ? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: oofasis on 03.21.2008 at 02:48 pm in Kitchens Forum

We've got two banks of 36" drawers in our island flanking the wine fridge in the center. I've got all our dishes (service for 12) in one drawer (just a pivot away from the DW, very convenient), and the drawer below has larger, varied-sized bowls. The drawers are lined with Cushy Cupboards and they're wonderful -- nothing rolls around inside, and no need to install gadgets to keep plates in place. The drawers on the other side of the wine fridge, opposite the range, is where I stash all our pots and pans. Again, very convenient. I've got a couple of banks of 30" drawers across the aisle along the perimeter, and I really feel that those extra 6 inches of space made all the difference in what you can store inside.


service for 12 fits in one 36" drawer
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What do/did you look for in a custom cabinet shop?

posted by: kitchendesigner on 02.28.2008 at 07:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am working with some fellow custom shop owners around the country to better understand our clients needs and wants. We want to get the vision "through customer eyes" We want to take the results and work on ourselves and our companies to be of better value and service to our customers and become better business owners.

I am looking for answers for those who already completed projects and those who have projects coming up.

Why did you choose the company you did?
Why did you not choose another?
What REALLY matters? What REALLY does not matter? Professionalism? Options? Price? Value? Warranty? Design abilities? Organization? Detailed proposals and contracts? Clean job site? Years in business? Trade associations? Portfolio? References? Finish? Construction style? Etc?

If you had to rate all 3 in order which would it be.

Quality of service
Quality of product

Any and all information and/or comments on what you are, and what you are not considering when deciding on who you have build your kitchen or other cabinetry in your home. Or any other comments suggestions truly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Total Kitchen Remodel Questions

posted by: sanddollar on 12.09.2006 at 07:50 pm in Remodeling Forum

We are getting ready to start a long-overdue total remodel of our kitchen. We plan to replace all cabinets, countertops, floor, lighting, and most appliances.
I have contacted a company that oversees this kind of thing, but I still have some questions.

(1) They say it would be best for us to leave our home for 5-6 weeks while they do all the work? Does this sound reasonable?

We now have linoleum but want to get hardwood floors in the kitchen.
(2) Is the flooring done before or after the cabinets are installed?
(3) Do you have to use a company that specializes in flooring or is it reasonable to expect that a good carpenter carpenter can install and finish) hardwood floors?

Our kitchen is very dark, so we want to have a lot of new lighting put in.
(4) At what point in the project is the lighting done, i.e. before/after the floor, cabinets, etc.

We are debating between granite and Silestone.
(5) Does anyone have any experience with both?
(6) Does anyone have any recommendations?

We are debating between GE Profile and, after something I saw today, KitchenAid appliances.
(7) Does anyone have experience with either/both of these? And if so, what should we be on the lookout for in terms of things to avoid and/or things to insist on.

Thanks for any help, ideas, suggestions, etc. that you can provide.


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cost for changing from elec to gas cooktop

posted by: samat40 on 07.13.2006 at 04:49 pm in Remodeling Forum

I have an electric cooktop on my island (hate that!) and want to move the cooktop over to the logical place on the wall counter AND want to switch to gas. The house has a gasline to it, but there doesn't appear to be a source either in the island or by the wall. My question for you experienced removators-- How much would it cost-- labor wise-- to have the gas brought into the kitchen, and the cooktop moved? The countertops are corian, so that would need to be cut, and the cabinets that are currently above the new location would have to be converted to a vent hood.

And who do I call for that kind of thing? Thanks for any help.


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Converting a Fireplace to Use for a Range

posted by: malhgold on 01.25.2008 at 08:16 am in Remodeling Forum

I have a wall to wall, ceiling to floor brick fireplace in my family room. There is an 18" raised hearth. The firebox opening is 3 1/2 ft. wide by 2 1/2 feet high. I am possibly moving my kitchen into the family room. I am considering getting rid of the firebox and using that space for a 48" range and making that a nice feature wall. I will probably leave the brick. Does anyone know what this type of project would entail and if it is even feasible. I know I will have to run a gas line which is not a problem. I'm thinking I can use the existing chimney to vent the range? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Here is a photo.



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Another Kitchen Magazine Back Issue Challange

posted by: bogaloo on 03.08.2008 at 04:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

I was hoping someone might be able to help with finding an old issue of a kitchen magazine. I think it is a Better Homes & Gardens Kitchens and Bath Ideas, but I am not sure. We are building a new home and I had several different types of magazines and somewhere along the way, I lost the magazine. The cover had a white inset cabinet gallery kitchen that was inspired by the movie Something's Gotta Give. They had red crystal pendant lights hanging over the sink and I love them and can't find them anywhere. We are getting down to the wire on completing the house and I have been holding out to try and find the magazine to see if it lists where the lights came from. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it - this is my last hope. The magazine was given to me by a friend, so I am not sure of the issue date, but I think it was a few years old. And, if anyone knows about the kind of lights I am talking about it, please let me know. Thank you!!


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Looking for pictures of cabinets on a diagonal 'corner' wall

posted by: annab6 on 11.30.2007 at 06:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Due to some floor plan issues in the room behind the kitchen, I am thinking of a diagonal wall in place of a traditional corner. If we keep the corner, it would have a lazy suzan and some type of an upper corner cabinet. I am wondering about our options for a diagonal wall? It may be a long shot since very few kitchens would have that but, if yours does, would you mind posting a picture of it?

Thank you!


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White Marble Countertops

posted by: brittamay on 02.25.2008 at 09:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

I realize the "white" countertop issue has probably been discussed to death, but I really like the look of white countertops on painted light green cabinets. My current kitchen (which is only 1 year old) has black (actually Nordic Green) granite on antique white cabinets, but I'm looking for a change in the house we are building.

Anyone want to talk me into or out of the white? Should it be honed or polished?

Anyone have something more creamy, but still white, like French Vanilla?



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18' or 24' deep pantries?

posted by: planningnut on 03.09.2008 at 01:16 pm in Kitchens Forum

Good morning!

We have 2 feet of snow here. Hope everyone else is basking in the sun...

I am debating between 18" and 24" deep pantries. The 18" ones will give me a bit more clearance as the end of the pantry is next to the walkway behind the island and every inch counts behind bar stools. It will be a wall of pantries (1 36" wide, then a bar that sticks out to 24" deep and is 4' wide, then another 36" wide pantry).

Is 18" enough depth (we are not doing pullouts - at least not for a while - at $100 PER shelf, not in my budget... will DIY later) or will I hate myself for not doing 24"

18" would look better and give slightly better traffic flow and would let the bar between the 2 pantries stand out more at 24" deep.

24" deep may be more practical?


Thanks everyone,


18" better still?
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Kraftmaid pantry

posted by: rosieq on 01.27.2008 at 09:19 am in Kitchens Forum

Does anyone have any experience with this pantry? Is it a good use of space? I am redoing our kitchen and want to add a pantry. Kraftmaid is the cabinets we are using


while 24" might seem deep for a pantry, in a small kitchen, it may be the best choice; go with what works for me
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Niches In Wall Behind Cooktop & In Pantry Wall--Anyone Have? Pics

posted by: buehl on 02.27.2008 at 02:55 am in Kitchens Forum

I am thinking about putting in two niches...

One niche would go in the wall behind my cooktop. There will be very little space behind my 36" cooktop b/c I have standard depth cabinets & countertop (24"D cabinets + ~1-1/2" counter overhang). So, I thought if I put a 4" or 5" deep niche in the wall behind it, I would have room to put things while cooking or something decorative like decorative oil bottles, etc.

However, I do not know how this will work OR if it will be usable.

I've searched the FKB (all of it!) and only found 3 kitchens with anything close to what I'm describing. So, I'm here asking (begging!!!)...

Does anyone have this type of niche?

  • Do you like it?
  • Is it useful?
  • Could you please post a picture for me?

Any information will be gratefully received!!

Also, if someone did consider it but decided not to put it in, why? I guess I'm asking for pros & cons.


The other niche I am considering is in the end wall of my step-in pantry. I was thinking of building a 20"W x 4"D x 48"H niche into the side/end wall of my pantry. The niche would have a 6" "sill." This niche would hold my landline phone & a pen holder on the sill, 5 hooks above them for keys, and above the hooks, our Wysocki calendar--our indispensable record of appointments, events, etc.

What I'm not sure of is what the "sill" should be made of--should it match our granite (Diamond Black)? Or, should it be a wood sill, similar to the windows. I'm concerned wood would get nicked and start to look rundown fairly quickly.

The pantry walls will be painted the same color as the other walls in the kitchen...color undecided/clueless right now!

I think I would frame the niche similar to a door w/2-1/2" molding all around...although our windows do not have any molding around them, so maybe this niche shouldn't either.

Thoughts on this "Message Center" niche? What should sill be made of?

Here are a couple of pictures that might help w/the pantry niche (each box = 3"x3"):

Picture 1: Planned corner pantry. The niche would go in the wall facing the FR doorway. It's the wall where I have 20" marked.

Corner Pantry

Picture 2: Proposed Niche

Proposed Message Center Niche in Pantry Wall

Thank you so much for any information!!!


Gorgeous backsplash in post
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To go with a small pantry or not . . .

posted by: sdionnemoore on 03.03.2008 at 12:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

Well, I think I've scrapped using the 42" KA built-in FD in my kitchen. Though going that way allowed for 30" of pantry space, I worried about the little tiny freezer drawer in the KA. Now I'm seriously considering the 32" all refrigerator & 32" all freezer by Electrolux. My problem is this configuration takes up almost all of my 75 1/2" refrigerator-pantry space, leaving me with a measly 11" pantry space. And that 11" is further hindered by an angled wall that would mean 1) the pantry has to be custom or 2) I could go for a 12" deep pantry since I hate things getting lost. My question then is this: If I do a 12" deep pantry that is, say, 8" wide (Don't even know if they do that size???), am I going to be happy with this? We have 11' ceilings in the kitchen, so the pantry can be tall. But am I a fool to diminish my pantry to this size?


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Pantry on each side of frig....anybody do this?

posted by: mygar on 03.09.2008 at 10:59 am in Kitchens Forum

We are planning on putting a pantry on each side of the frig. Each pantry is 24" wide and deep. The current plan is to have single doors on these and pull out trays.

What to you think about the single door vs. the double door? Clearance with the door open won't be an issue. I just seems like less motions to get into it.

And honestly, I keep debating the pull out trays. I hear people who love them but for the shelves at waist to eye level it seems that regular shelves work fine. Maybe just get the trays on the very bottom? Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your help!


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Corner Sink questions

posted by: mygar on 03.07.2008 at 07:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

We are planning on having a corner sink. I currently have a single bowl sink and love it but I have been looking at the sinks at Galaxy Tool Supply that has been recommended here. After looking at these, I am thinking about getting a double bowl sink.

My problem is that I'm just not sure how big a sink I can put in the sink base. We are using Kraftmaid cabinets and my books only have some of the dimensions of the base. Are there any good rules of thumb to use for corner sinks.

I would also love to see pictures of corner sinks if anybody could share.


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My pulls are in! Thought I'd share a great hardware website!

posted by: dd70 on 03.04.2008 at 01:13 pm in Kitchens Forum

After a long quest looking for reasonably priced yet quality cabinet knobs/pulls, I concluded to just get the one's that I love, Tuscany by Top Knobs. So all total it would have cost close to $450 for the amount I needed, 34. Not to mention I wanted them in antique copper which of course is more expensive (always my luck). So I quickly concluded to keep searching for less expensive in that style and I found this website who had my tuscany knobs (not made by top knobs) for way less than half the price. I was leary so I emailed them regarding the weight of them (i hate lite, cheap feeling pulls) and they told me:
"These items are made from zinc. We believe these are solid. We can request this information from the manufacturing warehouse to be certain if you would
like. This may take a few days. We have not had any complaints regarding the weight or feel of these pieces."

All right, I took a chance and placed the order.....praying they were nice. My total for 44 knobs/pulls/bail pulls came to $160, (I ordered 10 extra) shipping was a little high at $43 but it was still a huge savings.

I got them today, Im so excited!! I ripped open the box, still praying, and they are beautiful!! They have a nice weight and feel to them and they are exactly what I wanted.
I wanted to share the site everyone. Im sure like me, most of you have gone over budget or need to stick to a tight budget or have a limitless budget and just love a good deal! I'm really thrilled with the quality and most definitely the price. Hope you all enjoy, happy shopping! Im now off on my quest for counter height bar stools.....; )

Here is a link that might be useful: knobs and pulls


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