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RE: Cold Soups (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: plllog on 03.28.2014 at 07:36 pm in Cooking Forum

Well, of course there are fruit soups, if you like that kind of thing (sweet). :) I found out in my Chinese take out days that good soup is usually good cold. I love cold hot and sour soup and cold egg drop soup. Also, Asian style soups with a dish of vegetables with broth poured over can be good cold if the veg have been lightly steamed or wilted or something. Those might be an acquired taste, but I think butternut squash soup is better cold then warm. The flavors are more distinct cold.

There's also a cold mushroom cream soup that I've had (supposed to be cold) that's out of this world, but I don't know what makes it different from other mushroom soups. Celery soup and asparagus soup are both served cold, and if they're not loaded up with creams can be very refreshing. And cucumber soup. Carrot ginger soup isn't so bad cold out of the fridge if you're too lazy to heat it, but it's not something I'd serve to someone else. :)

Hm... I see a theme here: The soups that are best cold are mostly ones with a single flavor profile and don't have a lot of stuff that needs chewing in them. There are exceptions all around, but that's a starting point.


Cold soup recipes

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