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RE: Wood Floor in Bathroom (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: tesmith on 08.24.2010 at 09:11 pm in Bathrooms Forum

The house I just purchased and am working on redoing is over 100 years old (There is argument 105 or 111 years old we are researching)

This home has one bathroom at this time, it is all wood flooring. This house has had children in the past and was a dentist office as well so I know the bathroom has had traffic.

The finish is gone from the wood but it is pretty sound. The wax ring in the toilet had disintegrated long ago and there was moisture seeping into wood in the toilet area, the wood in this area had two or three boards that were soft, which I have replaced....I have yet to decide how I will refinish the flooring in this room But from what I have seen wood in a bathroom is fine, unless this home is an exception!

If you want wood, go for it and enjoy!


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RE: Wood Floor in Bathroom (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mongoct on 08.24.2010 at 01:42 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I've done several wood floors in bathrooms (including brazilian cherry in my own master bath), but only in master baths or public half-bathrooms. For kid or guest full bathrooms I'd recommend something else.

Never had a problem with wood in a bathroom with the exception of one powder room that had toilet tank condensation dripping on the floor in the humid summer months. Cured that problem and touched up the floor finish, no worries since.

A true tung oil is waterproof, you could continue that into the master bath. Only other alternative I'd recommend would be polyurethane. Poly is more durable.

With either, I'll use a more durable gloss finish for the first coats and a satin/matte for the top coat.


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