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Orchid insecticide HELP

posted by: valthewizard on 03.02.2014 at 01:10 pm in Orchids Forum

My orchid has very small little bugs on it, the same i see in my wilting and/or dying plants. My orchid is wilting and is not looking very good. I think they are mealybugs.

I bought Sevin Ready-To-Use spray. Have any of you used this on orchids before? How do i properly apply to the plant?

Please give me specific directions, I can't find orchid directions on the spray itself, and other internet pages are not being very constant or reliable.

PS, my orchid is flowering, I don't know if that changes anything about using the spray.



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Rubbing alcohol use, HELPPPPP

posted by: valthewizard on 02.11.2014 at 08:23 pm in Orchids Forum

Isopropyl alcohol - recommended by nearly every site i found on infestations, so not supposed to be harmful to an orchid.

I was used to finding bug infestations on my plants, looking like little sticky droplets. I found these sticky drops on my orchid's stem. It's blooming so i was very worried it was going to get an infestation. I dabbed some 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the stems where I saw the drops, and some got onto the flowers.

I later found that those droplets were "happy sap" which was something common to orchids when they were blooming.

Will the alcohol damage the flowers? I'm very worried.


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posted by: valthewizard on Thu, Jan 9, 14 at 13:28 in Orchids Forum

I recently bought an orchid from a store, because they were on sale due to winter weather.

I checked its leaves and roots before buying it. It had light green, pretty leaves and very many green roots. I bought it, took it home, and realized I'd totally missed these tiny whitish bugs on its roots.

I've seen these on my other plants, but the only plant it seems to be having an effect on is my begonia. I researched orchid pests and the closest match I could find was a mealybug, who steal liquids out of plants and basically just dehydrate and drain them.

I haven't seen any on my other orchid, the one who I've gotten to grow flower-buds, despite the fact that I've seen these bugs before around my plants, they don't seem to have taken interest in my older orchid at this time.

For the orchid that I recently bought, I let it sit in 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and soaked its substrate bark mulch in the alcohol too, and also wiped a cottonball of it on its leaves. After about an hour of soaking I rinsed them thoroughly and let them dry overnight.

Today, I put them back together. I didn't see any bugs. The roots were a bit dry as expected but I watered it well. As mentioned this plant has a LOT of good roots, despite the bugs.

I also took some caution and moved my visibly infected plants to a corner of my plant-desk, most of these are really hardy plants, and I haven't noticed any changes. Before doing so, I cleaned off the desk's top thoroughly with bleach-water, which I've done before; doesn't hurt plants as long as it only touches the desk. My orchids are not quarantined or anything, but neither are touching any other plants, or each other.

Do you think this will take care of the problem? At least for the orchids?
(I didn't do anything to the older orchid, as it's doing fine and budding, and I don't want anything to harm the buds.)


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First Time Orchid Grower-Pollination

posted by: valthewizard on 12.29.2013 at 09:28 pm in Orchids Forum

I got my first Phal Orchid in the summer of 2013. Despite all of my expectations that the orchid wasn't going to live on my first try, and the stereotype that they are unbelievably hard to grow, I had no problem with it, and it is budding new flowers!!

I cannot wait until they bloom, and I'm planning on cross-pollinating with another orchid to produce my own hybrid :D!

I was wondering if anyone had experience with breeding orchids, and had any tips. I discovered the little pollina spheres under their little beak-shaped area, researched, and found out what they were and how they were used. I think I have a pretty good idea about how to breed them, but I'd like to clarify with experienced orchid growers first.

If possible, include pictures in description, thanks!


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WANTED: Little Sister's "Flower List"

posted by: valthewizard on 07.22.2013 at 08:50 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

My 8 year old sister wants to become a gardener like me and our mother, and so on. She has a long list of flowers and herbs and other plants she really wants, I've narrowed it down to some that I think would do best around here and wouldn't be too difficult for her to maintain. (With me and our mother's help of course)

Here are the flowers she is asking for:

Balloon Flower
Green Envy Coneflower
Passionflower Vine
Blue anagallis
Cosmos (she likes the white ones best)
Any kind of Air Plant
Borage (Our grandma's favorite herb that my sister wants to try out)
Phlox Subulata
Muskdana (Ambrette, or abelmoschus moschatus)

If you happen to have any extras, or any other plant that you think an eight year old would like, (she's not too picky and just wants to grow things) please contact me at my email or a follow-up to this post.

I only have a few things I'm willing to part with, such as:

Purple Hearts / Wandering Jews
Sugar Ann Snap Peas
Coriander (Cilantro Seeds)

I have a lot of all of these, and would be willing to trade for whatever is offered.

(I doubt she'll be able to get all of these mentioned plants, but even just a few would be really great)

Thanks for looking!
Val & My Sister Amber


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HAVE: Cilantro Seeds (Coriander) in a few weeks

posted by: valthewizard on 07.22.2013 at 04:37 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

In a few weeks I will have Cilantro Seeds (or Coriander) harvested. I am willing to trade for other plants and seeds that aren't written on my exchange list, so it is not limited to them. (I am mainly on the hunt for herbs and indoor shade plants/seeds however.) Contact me if you are interested :)


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