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curious, what are those white thingy

posted by: v1rtu0s1ty on 04.27.2007 at 08:20 pm in Lawn Care Forum

I noticed that majority of the blades close to the walls of my house have white powdery thingy in them. The grass that had these white substance/powder/whatever is about from wall to 4' outer. What are they?


bestlawn modified the seed percentage.
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detailed description of diff grass cultivars

posted by: v1rtu0s1ty on 04.24.2007 at 11:30 pm in Lawn Care Forum

hi folks,

I'm having a hard time searching for detailed information about a grass type such as Midnight, Midnight II, NuDestiny, Award and so on .....

Do you guys know of a website that describes each type?




This is the thread where BestLawn recommended the desireable cultivars for my location.
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