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new house and no idea

posted by: bluebay on 07.22.2008 at 05:42 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Ok, I think I've managed to include pics of our new house, although I can't get the size right.
We have not moved in yet, so all the stuff pictured is the previous owners.

I want to paint before we move in (yes, I know, I will have a better idea of light and mood once we live there....but I'm not sure we'll ever get around to doing it once we're settled. I want to capture the moment and hire it out when the place is all empty).

The floor (terazzo tile, I think) is staying. It's dark reddish brown with various splotches. The wood ceiling is staying.The kitchen cupboards are staying, though I can paint them another colour.

Please help....what style do you think the interior most leans toward? I would personally like to do a slightly cottage/garden/clean French country, with a mix of white painted furniture and a few natural woods. Could this work?
What colours could I paint? I prefer cooler shades.
Thanks in advance for any help!




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