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Built-in desk dilemma

posted by: txcountrygal on 06.07.2011 at 09:19 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Our built-in desk matches the cabinet style throughout our home - creamy white painted bead board.

My dilemma is ... if I paint the open areas of the desk's bead boad backs the same as our wall paint (SW Softer Tan - you can see this paint color in the open space at the center bottom), will it look awkward, having a mix of tan bead board and creamy white, on the same piece of furniture?

Here's a pic of the desk as it was being installed -

And, this drawing shows the open areas that I'd like to paint -

Would so appreciate your opinion. Thanks much!


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changing from exterior oil paint to latex

posted by: cgw1 on 06.06.2011 at 08:21 pm in Paint Forum

Hi, I posted this a few hours ago, but just realized that I entered it into another thread, So sorry.

My question for the experts here:
Today I had a quote for painted my windows. The rep told me that we can no longer buy oil paint here (Ontario, Canada) and said that they would use BM Aura. She said that they would wash, scuff/sand, and paint two coats of Aura and that no priming was necessary. I am concerned about the durability of this. My last paint job has lasted twenty years!!!!

I called my local BM dealer and it is true there is no longer any oil paint, but when I asked if there was any in the basement, he said yes. So, I could still get some, but I forget exactly what product he said he had.

Now, if the painters won't do this, do you think...
A) Go with the two coats of Aura
B) Buy the oil paint and find a private painter

I really need a good paint job that will last.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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