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Heat Pumps, Furnaces and Icynene

posted by: timwalker69 on 08.31.2007 at 05:05 pm in Building a Home Forum

Will post here and HVAC. We are building a 1 1/2 story home in Houston. The house will be 4000 SF and have a western rear expsoure with a lot of windows. We plan on using a full icynene system in attic and walls. Our GC A/C man has cut normal required tonnage by about 2 1/2 tons after running a manual J calc. Due to the icynene, he suggests installing heat pumps versus having to go with a high efficency and vented furance. I am ok with that and it seems feasibe and sensible. Our big draw here is cooling form 90-95 and high humidity to 70-75 at night. Icyneen should help als in keeping humidity levels lower because there is less air infiltration.
What are your thoughts on this concept? He also only recommends a max of 16 but sayswith Icynene's efficiency a 14 would be good enough.


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RE: Finally - a plan!! Now where do I keep what?? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: jejvtr on 09.29.2007 at 09:13 am in Kitchens Forum

Understand the age old ? where to put what

Think of kit and how you operate in it -
Some basics

Where will you Prep? 70% of what is done in kit is prep
- in that area you need - cutting boards, knives, utensils, bowls, mixers-
- This is typically near refrig, pantry, sink since that is what is utilized during prep

Cooking -
Potholders, some utensils - thermometers, stirring spoons

Plates, silverware, serving dishes, napkins, trivets, glassware - **Should be located right near dw

Clean up
this order seems to work best
Garbage, sink, Dishwasher
- Food storage items should be near the refrig - ziplock bags, saran wraps, tupperware

Unloading DW
- Drawers for silver (and dishes if that is your pref), upper cabs for dish, glassware - should be right next to DW since that is the majority of what will be in there

Other sort of general things that make sense
- Landing zones
- Near refrig, pantry, either side of cooktop/range, DW

That covers a lot - I'm sure others will chime in

good luck


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RE: Finally - a plan!! Now where do I keep what?? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: buehl on 09.29.2007 at 07:01 am in Kitchens Forum

I would also be hesitant to store anything that touches cooked food directly over trash cans--actually, I'd be hesitant to store anything except cleaning supplies or maybe trash bags. It just seems so 2 cents worth...

Have you thought of getting one 4-drawer stack to hold
(1) flatware
(2) foil, plastic bags, wax paper, etc
(3) flashlight(s) & batteries
(4) extension cords, etc.
I would not make a 36" a 4-drawer stack, but you might consider a 24" or 18" base for 4 drawers.

I went through my entire kitchen, DR, and basement pantry and listed everything I had that I really wanted to store in the kitchen.

I then listed all my storage options (base cabs w/all drawers, wall cabs, pantry/utility cabs, base cabs w/shelving, etc).

I then "put everything away" to see if I had enough drawers or other type of storage. I adjusted my cabinets accordingly. The wall & pantry/utility cabs are pretty much set; the base cabs seem to be the most flexible as to "type" of storage available.

Try to store things in their associated "zones". E.g, the measuring cups, etc. in your baking and/or prep zone; the pot holders and cooking utensils in your cooking zone; linens in the clean-up get the picture.

Note: don't under estimate how much storage you'll need for each item. E.g., I suspect you will need more than one drawer for your pots & pans...

Have fun!


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