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RE: Help with vintage bathroom design please (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: jejvtr on 02.09.2007 at 11:59 am in Home Decorating Forum

Ok so bathroom is 6'x7' right?
Love your pallette & your fav bathrooms

My first thought was to simply change the door swing - I can't make out what it is behind the door swing now - but is that a permanent structure/fixture?
If you change door swing I would swap out either the sink or toilet( I would opt for swapping toilet to other side - moving plumbing is $$$$$ - this way only 1 fixture needs to be moved )to where the door swings now - It's all to squishy and makes it very cumbersome getting into/out of tub.

Do you want a tub? or just shower - A 5' alcove tub is probably best suited in that location - I do see that you like a claw foot but that will take up too much room and render things around it not all that functional - if you really want one go SMALL - proportion in that bath is what will really determine whether plan is pulled off or not.
Here's a 52" claw foot
not sure if they come any smaller - but my concern would be comfort in the tub - & it is costly - odd sized tubs are costly - & this is acrylic (not a fan of plastic tubs)

The towering ? linen built in just detracts entirely from the room - totally out of proportion - so I would take that out - if you did a 5' tub there are creative ways of getting storage at the other end where you have 1'

I posted a pic of my storage at end of my 5' tub.
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and pedestal sink, subway walls - give vintage feel - floor is 1" hex tile, which i love
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It's a small space - keep it simple - an proportionate

good luck


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