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RE: Replacing Husqvarna fuel tank stem/gasket/fuel line (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: tomplum on 05.18.2013 at 07:55 pm in Tractors Forum

These are reasonably easy. The rear part of the body comes off with 2 bolts on each side at the rear of the footpads of the front body. Yours will have 1 bolt in the center or 2 bolts (in the center of the seat springs) The body, seat and all will lift off together , so remember to unhook the seat switch harness and watch how it routes so you can carefully thread it out and back in. Below there is a bracket with a bolt on either side securing the tank. If it is not marked- mark it so it goes back in the proper orientation. With that off, the tank lifts out.
Things to know: Many of these tanks leaked at the seam. Roll the tank to expose the seams to fuel (or water if you dry it before reinstall.) It is a real time to clean the tank too.The grommet at the fuel fitting can also leak. It is a good idea to replace the fuel line complete if it is showing signs of deterioration- or as a preventive maintenance item. The easiest way should you choose to replace it is to chase new the line through end to end with the old line using a short dowel / stud that will hold securely. Finally, take the opportunity whilst the tank is out to clean the transaxel area of debris.


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