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Anyone have 'floaters' or PVD (posterior vitreous detach)?

posted by: downsouth on 10.02.2004 at 03:17 pm in Health Forum

I woke up early one morning last week and my eye was itching at the bottom underneath the eyelid. It was swollen and it felt like I had been stung by something. Two days ago I started seeing a black spot "floating" in front of my right eye. I went to the Wal-Mart vision center (the closest place and the only place I could get an appt at 7:30 pm). She told me I have something called PVD or post vitreous detachment. It's where the gel that surrounds the eyeball starts to liquify and it happens more to women and to people who are nearsighted.

Today I am seeing the same black "floater" in my other eye. I have an appt. in 30 days for a follow up visit, but she told me that there is nothing that can be done about these floaters and people learn to live with them!! I just can't imagine living like this and seeing these black spots floating around in front of my eyes for the rest of my life. I don't see flashes of light or I don't see a shutter closing in front of me and she said if I saw these to immediately come back.

If anyone has these, did they gradually go away? I did read on the Internet that the spots can gradually disappear after a few months but that a minority of people have them for the rest of their life. I hope I am not in that minority.


Hi there, Downsouth

I have had a PVD, almost one month ago and I am devastated. Ive got black big floaters and cobwebs...

I went to 2 doctors, one of them said I had to get used to it (I wonder how)and the other said they will improve over time...

I dont go out and I spend all day wondering what is going to happen as I am still at risk of retinal detachment.

I am living in a nighmare. Just want to ask you if you have improved or not.

Thanks in advance.

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