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RE: Pickled Asparagus in 24oz jars (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: grlsixx on 05.04.2013 at 05:50 pm in Harvest Forum

ok- after trolling the board a little, I am wondering if my recipe is safe...

in each jar:
1 garlic clove
2t pickling salt
1t dill
1 dried hot pepper

cover with boiling brine (50/50 water & white vinegar).
process 10 mins.


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RE: White fluffy mold on horseradish roots (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: linda_lou on 11.01.2011 at 11:54 am in Harvest Forum

If you didn't peel them, that is where the bacteria is mostly, on the peel. Then, using leftover pickle juice that has already been diluted and contaminated ?
I think you should rethink your food preparation ways. No, I don't think it will be OK.
Why not follow the safe way of making horseradish ?

Pickled Horseradish Sauce
2 cups (3/4 lb) freshly grated horseradish
1 cup white vinegar (5 percent)
1/2 tsp canning or pickling salt
1/4 tsp powdered ascorbic acid
Yield: About 2 half-pints

Procedure: The pungency of fresh horseradish fades within 1 to 2 months, even when refrigerated. Therefore, make only small quantities at a time. Wash horseradish roots thoroughly and peel off brown outer skin. The peeled roots may be grated in a food processor or cut into small cubes and put through a food grinder. Combine ingredients and fill into sterile jars, leaving 1/4-inch headspace. Seal jars tightly and store in a refrigerator.


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RE: Dehydrating Horseradish ? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: readinglady on 07.14.2011 at 12:33 pm in Harvest Forum

I have no experience with dehydrating horseradish, so can't speak to that.

But . . . How long are you waiting before packing in vinegar? The degree of heat increases exponentially depending upon how long you wait. Add vinegar 1 minute after grating and the horseradish is mild. After 3 minutes it's much much hotter. The gain after that is much less, but you could wait 6-8 minutes before adding vinegar for the really really hot stuff.

Also, horseradish root once dug will keep 6-8 months in the fridge, which almost gets you to the next season, so you could grate some fresh.



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French Fries from a jar !

posted by: linda_lou on 02.08.2011 at 05:22 pm in Harvest Forum

Ok, I read this online. If you can potatoes, cut with a French fry cutter, in strips. Process in the pressure canner as required. Open, drain well, and fry in oil for French fries. It looks like a good idea to try. Add some Pickle Crisp to the jars, and they should stay more firm.
May be worth a try.


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Giant Bubbles

posted by: shysue on 05.19.2009 at 09:42 am in Garden Junk Forum

I haven't been posting much lately because we have been remodling and...well, I just didn't have anything new to share. I've tried to keep up with all the posts, but there are so many that it is almost overwhelming. It is so exciting to see so many new garden junkers! Anyway, someone had shared this inspiration picture, which started me thinking.


My brain immediately thought of bowling balls. It took me a long time to collect 19 bowing balls. I finally got them all painted and placed.

Bowling Ball Bubbles-2009


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I have listed some sites with veggie seedling images

posted by: lakedallasmary on 09.14.2006 at 05:41 pm in Vegetable Gardening Forum

I think it would be great to create a seedling image gallery for the FAQ section. Until then, I have gathered up some sites that contain images of vegetable seedlings. This took me a while, I do hope someone finds it useful.

On some of these pages you have to scroll down a bit to see the seedling

various veggies - some dead links and enlarging images is very slow






cabbage a little older



southern pea - the only one I could find, like to find them just as they emerge









lima beans





english peas






rutabega - third photo down looks like a rutabaga to me. I just plants some a few days ago and looks the same.






turnip - I am assuming turnips are on the right

water melon

this site has mostly flower seedlings with a few veggies and herbs tossed in (by latin name though, ug!)

feel free to post links of veggies/fruit I missed.

a lot of the seedlings look very similar since they are in the same family

carrot family
carrot, dill, parsnip, parsley, celeriac, celery

melon family (curcubit)
squash, melon, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, luffa sponge, gourds

beet family (goose foot)
beet, spinach, chard

grass family
wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, and sorghum, bamboo shoots, sugar cane, rye, millet

onion family (Lilly)
onion, leek, garlic, chives, walking onion, scallion, asparagus

bean family (legumes)
green bean, wax bean, southern pea, yard long bean, English pea, lima bean, potato bean, peanut, soy bean, fava, garbanzo, mung, etc.

cabbage family (brassia)
cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, radish, rutabaga, turnip, horse radish, kale, Kohlrabi

tomato family (nightshade)
tomato, tomatillo, eggplant, pepper, potato, ground cherry

morning glory family
sweet potato, morning glory

lettuce family (aster)
lettuce, artichoke, salsify

mallow family

rhubarb family
rhubarb, buckwheat

yummy family (kidding)


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