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HAVE: Spring Trades

posted by: beautifulreddahlias on 02.19.2014 at 07:25 pm in Plant Exchange Forum

I want to set up my spring plant trades, I won't be able to send out my trades until after Easter when it's warm enough to send them.
Here is a list of what I'll have to trade:
These I have leaf cuttings for:
Adromischas cristatus - Crinkle Leaf Plant
Crassula mesembryanthemoides
Crassula ovata - Jade Plant
Graptosedum X California Sunset
Graptosedum X Vera Higgins
Kalanchoe daigremontiana - Mother Of Thousands
Rhipsalis prismatica - Brazilie Pencil Cactus
Sedum adolphii - Golden Sedum
Senencio scaposus - Silver Coral
Tradescantia fluminensis - Inch Plant
Tradescantia pallida - Purple Heart
Zamioculcas zamiifolia - ZZ Plant

These I have Rooted plants:
Beaucarnea recurvate - Ponytail Palm
Chlorophytum comosum variegatum - Variegated Spider Plant
Chlorophytum comosum reverse variegatum - Reverse Variegated Spider Plant
Crassula ovata - Gollum
Kalanchoe humilis
Plectranthus coleoides - Nico - Sweedish Ivy
Plectranthus verticillatus - Whorled Sweedish Ivy
Schlumbergera truncate - Christmas Cactus ( I can't tell you what color they are, my kids decided to pull out the tags. I have a pink, peach, and yellow)

These I have Cuttings for:
Helichrysum thianschanicum - Icicles - Licorice Plant
Aristolochia gigantea - Giant Dutchman's Pipevine

I am looking for Houseplants in trade, I don't have much room outside for hardy plants. I would love some Hoya cuttings, living stones but am open to anything. Keep in mind I can not start the trades until Easter because of the cold I am just wanting to get them setup!!!



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have: free flower seeds for sasbe, daisy, swt william,blanket

posted by: mogardening on 03.03.2007 at 11:30 am in Seed Exchange Forum

I have flower seeds to give away with a SASBE:
Shasta Daisy, Chrysanthemum Maxumum
Sweet William,Dianthus barbatus,red,pink,purple,violet mix
Blanket Flower,Gaillardia grandflora

All are fresh seeds I saved from 2006

Post here or email me.I'll email my address to you so you can send a SASBE(self addressed stamped bubble envelope)
Happy Gardening!


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have: have for sase, large bottle gourd seeds

posted by: albertar on 02.15.2007 at 08:17 am in Pumpkins Squash & Gourds Forum

email me through GW, and these can be yours for a SASE.


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HAVE: To Trade Now...for almost anything ready now...

posted by: muggsey on 02.26.2007 at 08:40 am in Plant Exchange Forum

Hi Everyone! I have to get these to go NOW! They are taking up space. If you have anything to go now that i can use lets trade!
Heres what i have:
Karl forester grass-3
yucca- adams needle-3
LA Iris-blue-7
firetail- 3
mixed daylilies-12
purple geranium- likes shade-1
lyre leaf sage-1
sea holly-3
jacobs ladder, blue flower-1
false hollyhock, party girl-1
spiked speedwell- silver leafed-3: blue spike and 2 mixed
black berry lilies-10
white iris-2
sedum- purple emperor-6
siberian iris-9
hardy geranium- bevens with visions mixed in-5
bee balm- raspberry wine-3

I will accept almost anything- please let me look at your list- you must have plants to go now too. plmk and thank you!NO SEEDS or common coneflower, common daisys, or black eyed sues...
Thank you!


black berry lily for bromelaids
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HAVE: Flowers & Vegetables

posted by: jenntongrows on 02.25.2007 at 10:32 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

I am new and don't have a big list yet but this is what I have.

I am willing to trade for anything that can be transplanted:

Bibb Lettuce
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Mexican Sunflower
Autumn Beauty Sunflower
Strawberry Blonde Sunflower
White Bunching Onion
Roma Tomato
Pink Brandywine Tomato
Yellow Pear Heirloom Tomato
MS White Annual Mix
MS Pink Annual Mix
True Lavender
Carpet Of Snow Alyssum
Purple Ruffles Basil
Marigold Dwarf French Mix
Red Hot Poker
Cardinal Climber Vine
Lime Basil

The following seeds can't be shipped until late in the week:

Alyssum Royal Carpet
Heirloom Tomato large red cherry
French Marigold (sparky mix)
Black Sunflower
Russian Tarragon
Impatients Balsam Camelia Flowered
Snapdragon Giant tetra mix
Zinnia Lilliput mix
True English Lavender
Maximiliam Sunflower
Button Box Dwarf Zinnia
Purple Bee Balm
Northern Lights Mix Snapdragon
Black Eyed Susan Vine
Verbena Moss
Persian Cornflower

If there is nothing on my list that you would like I will also trade for postage.

I want to thank everyone on this site for being so helpful.



sunflowers and basils
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