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Cost Effective mole control ?

posted by: wheresmypension on 06.03.2008 at 12:06 am in Lawn Care Forum

After over twenty years maintaining turf and landscapes professionally, I feel like I have a reasonable grip on what to do about most lawn and garden problems. Except this one. Moles create those unsightly little hills of dirt that end up dulling your blades and clogging collection systems. The hills if not carefully removed, form bumps and their tunnels collapse into depressions. My carefully leveled turf surfaces become rough and bouncy. this detracts from the quality of cuts and the size of my savings account. I have battled them with traps, sulphur bombs and posion pellets. I have pumped water, propane and curses down their little holes. I have assailed them with voodoo curses and my Jack Russell terrier. True, if you do enough of all of the above, you will reduce their presence at least temporaraly. But since I seek to not end my days in the home for destitute gardeners who battled the moles and lost, I seek help, I seek inspiration, I seek a secret weapon. Deliver this to me and I will share my secret formula for converting dog poo into gold. I await your wisdom.


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