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Cellular (Accordion) Blinds for Large Sliding Door?

posted by: tipsymcstagger on 11.20.2013 at 10:48 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I have a 12' sliding glass door (three panels) leading from my living room to my lanai. I've been living in a fish bowl for 3+ years and decided I need to order blinds.

I do not want curtains nor do I was dated tradition vertical blinds. I went to both Lowe's and Home Depot and in both instances, the sales person was merely a monkey flipping through a book. They couldn't answer any of my questions regarding durability, warranty, track installation, valances, etc. Basically, if it were a self serve kiosk, I would have been just as well off.

I ordered my window shades online but since this is such a large opening and an expensive shade (about $1K), I'd rather buy from a "big box" because I know they'll make it right if it doesn't fit properly. If I bought online and had a problem, shipping becomes a huge hassle.

I chose Home Depot for no other reason than it saved me from driving back to Lowe's. I was shown the Bali sample book and paid a $50 deposit for measurements. After measurements, I have to go back and place the order.

The choices are 3/8" single cell, 3/8" double cell and 3/4" single cell. I'm leaning toward 3/8" double cell. It will be light filtering and slides only in one direction. Color will most likely be Frost (white).

Just looking for any personal experiences with coverings for large doors and large cellular shades in general. Anything I should be concerned about with vertical cellular shades? Single cell vs. double cell? Larger cell vs. smaller?




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