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RE: Help on 1st layout 'chef's table' inspired kitchen (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: rhome410 on 04.06.2008 at 06:33 pm in Kitchens Forum

Much better drawing size.

Mostly, as far as the kids getting older, I meant think about more traffic with larger bodies...and they never move slowly. First of all, there are the tasks/chores they'll be involved with that I mentioned above. Then there's the rushing into grab a snack, or fix a quick meal before some kind of practice or group meeting. They'll be doing these things while you are also trying to make dinner and make cupcakes for an after school event the next day, possibly fighting for the same floor space. Just try to plan for different people doing different things, and try to avoid any of the possible traffic tie-ups.

Take a marker and draw your path to make dinner. Use one of a different color to draw the path of a kid clearing the dishwasher and setting the table. Use a 3rd color to map the route of a dd baking a pie for dessert....Something like that. For instance, you have planned the fridge side of the island for baking so they're out of your way, but have the baking pans on the right side of the range. Maybe it has to be that way, or maybe it can be better.

It's just easy to think they'll always be small and you'll always be working alone, and design your kitchen accordingly...But soon things will change and you want a kitchen that will flex with your needs, if at all possible.


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