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What's For Dinner? #292

posted by: canarybird on 03.18.2009 at 09:54 pm in Cooking Forum

Today I finished off my homemade pesto by mixing it into meatballs and it turned out just right.


I had about 3 heaping tablespoons of homemade pesto left over from a fettucini lunch and since I had defrosted
500 grams of a ground pork/beef mixture I decided to mix the pesto into the mix and make pesto meatballs.
'Best meatballs I've ever tasted' ....was the response from my husband. Here's what I put in it:

500 grams (just over a lb) of finely ground beef/pork mixture
1 large egg
1 teasp dry mustard
1/4 teasp ground nutmeg
1/4 cup grated parmesan
2 heaped TBS homemade pesto
1/2 onion - minced
1/2 teasp salt
1/2 teasp ground black pepper
flour to coat
cooking oil

1 heaping TBS pesto
1/4 cup hot vegetable steamer water

1.Mix egg with meat, add pesto, onion, parmesan and spices.

2.Form golf ball sized meatballs and roll on floured plate to coat.

3.Cover bottom of small frying pan with about 1/2 inch oil and when hot,
put 5 or 6 meatballs at a time to brown about 4 minutes, then turn them over.

4.Drain meatballs on paper and keep hot while forming and cooking the rest.

5.Mix about 1/4 cup hot vegetable water into remaining 1 TBS pesto to make
enough creamy sauce to drizzle over meatballs when plated.



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RE: These came out so cute I just had to show you!! (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: shaun on 04.11.2009 at 06:39 pm in Cooking Forum


The ears are big marshmallows cut in half(diagonal) and dip the cut side into pink sugar. I made the pink sugar, red food coloring droped into regular sugar, shake,shake shake, then dip.

Eyes are pastel colored m&m's, nose is jelly beans, teeth are small marshmallows. Then sprinkle coconut on em.

1. frost cupcake
2. put ears on
3. put eyes on
4. put nose on
5. put teeth on
6. sprinkle coconut on and then turn upside down to let excess coconut fall off.

That's it!


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Epoxy Tutorial with lots of PICS :)

posted by: ladyronnie on 06.27.2007 at 09:23 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I am making a new thread for this since the previous one got stale waiting for me to get this done! I did this on a very small project, a little 3" square coaster, mainly in the interest of the time I had to glue the tessarae. You would follow the same steps on a larger project. One thing that is very important, is that your project needs to sit LEVEL! And the bigger the project, the more important it is. So, that said, Here Goes:

First, arrange everything you need AHEAD OF TIME! I learned the first time around that not having something when you have epoxy ready to go is NOT GOOD!
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What you need: Your project
--two-part epoxy (resin and hardener)
--measuring cup (I used a tablespoon for small amount)
--container to mix in (straight sided)
--something to mix with (needs a straight side to scrape container sides, I use a plastic picnic knife for small amount)
--a piece of stiff cardboard or a throwaway paintbrush (I have a craft paintbrush that is getting stiffer and stiffer, but I keep using it)
--rubbing alcohol (the only thing that will clean up wet epoxy)
--a rag for wiping your hands, etc (to wet with ALCOHOL, not water)
--something to time for two minutes (watch or clock with second hand, kitchen timer, etc. Not in pic, I used clock on wall)

Measure EQUAL AMOUNTS of resin and hardener into your mixing container, (I quickly wiped out my measuring spoon with alcohol-rag), and begin stirring. Time stirring for TWO MINUTES.
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Be sure to scrape sides and bottom of container frequently. Use kind of a whipping action, like hand-whipping egg whites. Mixture will get frothy and even have little bubbles float into the air.

POUR mixture onto your project. You can pour it all in the middle on a small project, pour it all around on a larger one. You can see all the bubbles in this pic:
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To be continued...
(I just don't want to accidentally delete this whole thing before I post it! So I'll do it in a few parts.)


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Windspinners Part Deux

posted by: wackyweeder on 07.16.2006 at 09:15 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I was fooling around with my windspinners, trying to figure out where to hang them and not really happy with them, and it suddenly came to me,I have been looking at them all wrong! A quick pinch with the pliers and a stake, and viola! I love them now!


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Dragonfly spinner

posted by: chickeemama on 11.16.2007 at 06:20 pm in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

Here is one of my latest project which IMO didnt turn out great, but I guess isn't that bad either.

It is a 6 inch circle with a 3d dragon fly attached with some leaves. It will have a copper half circle around the whole thing which will let the dragonfly spin in the wind and the half circle will have a post that sticks into the ground. Its my first attempt at something that has any dimension in it. I used coppery patina which turned the whole thing an aged rusty color. Not sure Im liking the patina on it. I will be making more of these for Christmas presents so this was my test one to see what I can do to improve on it, which will be to use more vibrant glass globs.

The wings have a copper mesh over them, boy was that kinda of PITA to put on!!!

Any critiques and opinions on this to help me make it better will be appreciated!!!! If you click on the picture it will get bigger for you!


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posted by: bamasusanna on 01.02.2008 at 11:51 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I've been meaning to ask you for a while. How do you get pieces plated? I loved the heart bracelet you did, and now your exchange gift!
Where do you have it done and how about the cost?


Plating website
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