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RE: Miele Capricorn vs Miele Leo what is the difference? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: theresse on 01.04.2013 at 02:08 pm in Cleaning Tips Forum

I actually took back the Capricorn and got the Leo! My tendonitis was killing me, using the Capricorn's big and heavy hose, wand, awkward handle and powerbrush. I learned from another consumer's online review that if I let go of having the controls on the handle, I could pay a small amount more to get a longer, lighter Miele hose, a longer and lighter Miele wand, and a smaller, lighter and easier-to-hold Miele handle for the majority of my cleaning (in my case, lots of hardwood floors and overhead dusting and dusting in other awkward positions). So now with the Leo I have both the powerful brush and heavier hose, wand and handle for carpets (I only have a couple of big thick carpets) - which I store set upward in the closet where it stays most of the time - as well as the lighter setup for everything else that I keep attached and also standing in an upright position on the vacuum most of the time. My arm no longer hurts when I vacuum everything besides carpets and doing all this other cleaning on hard surfaces is a BREEZE compared to when I was attempting this with the hose, wand and handle that the capricorn comes with. Yes I've lost the controls on the handle but it's so worth it because of the ease of use in these other, more important ways. It would be nice to have the controls on the handle but now that I've had the vacuum a while, I know what setting to keep the vacuum on depending on what I'm vacuuming so I don't actually need the settings anymore unless I'm simply turning it off. Because it's a quiet machine, I'm not frustrated by the fact that the vacuum is staying on while I walk the short distance to tap it off with my foot (the noise doesn't make me want to run). Losing the handle-controls is SO not a deal-breaker, considering. Anyway HTH for those of you who have tennis elbow or the like! ;) Even though this is an old thread!


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