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RE: All the Goodies I found today!!! (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: concretenprimroses on 06.16.2008 at 11:05 am in Garden Junk Forum

Posting is so easy. I learned using photobucket which is free. First load some pics to photobucket following their insturctions once you open an account. If you don't reduce the size on your computer there is an option at the bottom of the upload photos screen in photobucket. Medium produces the size I have shown below. (This is so you don't load a huge pic that takes a long time for people to load and see.) This is a little small, you probably could safely choose large. Also name an album now so that you don't have to move your pic later and break any old links. (Go to the album, and also choose your size before you click choose photos, to upload). OK you have pics in PB, ready! have photobucket open in one window and your garden web message in another. There are 2 easy ways to post photos: 1. Go to the optional URL box in the garden web message and click, then go to photobucket and click on the address under your pic labeled "direct link". A little sign that says "copied" will flash. Then go back toyour message and right click and paste into the URL box. 2. To have the pic appear in your message do the same procedure but at the beginning of a new line in your garden web message and this time click onthe address labeled HTML code in photobucket. right click and paste back in garden web. You can check to see if it worked when you preview your message.

Here is rhododendron schleppenbachi and Zorro this May loaded to PB on the medium size setting, using method #2 to post here.
May 2008


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RE: photo test -OMG I did it! (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: chemocurl on 05.23.2008 at 10:48 am in Test Forum

Now please tell me how you posted it

Here is how I did/do it.

First register and set up a Photobucket below
Then upload the pics you would like to post, to Photobucket.

Once that is done,
just type your message,
open Photobucket in another tab, or window,
find the pic you want to post in the message,
click on <HTML code found in the third box below the pic. It will say copied in yellow,
go back and paste the HTML in your message box,
hit preview,
you will then see your message, and the actual pic,
and lastly hit submit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket-free


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