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Replacing hinges and glides

posted by: thecatzmeow on 07.02.2013 at 12:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

As we begin the prep process for painting our cabinets, I want to go ahead and repair as much of the wear and tear as possible.

A few of the doors appear to be out of level. I am assuming this is due to the hinges being old and saggy. Should I fill all the holes with wood filler and reinstall the new hinges from scratch, or should I try to reuse the existing holes first and see if the new hinges fix the problem? Will new hinge holes sag if they overlap the old ones at all? We don't have Euro/hidden hinges and our doors are not full overlay, so the new hinges will likely be installed very similarly to what's there.

Also, a few drawer glides are a little bent and worn. I think I want to just replace them. Should I plan to replace them all, and is this really difficult to do and get it lined up correctly?

Thanks!! :)


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Painting Cabinets - white appliances

posted by: thecatzmeow on 06.26.2013 at 11:30 am in Kitchens Forum

** Note: please ignore all the junk in my kitchen! I was knee deep in a baking project and we've been super busy recently. I know that it looks better clean and decluttered. But life happens and sometimes things get messy. I wasn't thinking about that when I snapped the pic on a whim. :) **

We're going to paint these *blah* oak cabinets and replace the damaged laminate countertop. I was thinking white. I like the look of white cabinets and I think it will brighten up the space quite a bit - only one window. Sad face.

My question is this: What color white? I have white appliances and white trim throughout the house. Should I match the white of the appliances, or the trim, or should I do something different enough that it doesn't look like a "near miss?" Will a glaze help?

New appliances not in the budget, nor necessary, as these are all relatively new and in great shape.

Oh, and we got an over-range microwave free with the stove, but haven't put it in yet. We'll do that when we paint, raise the range cabinet up to ceiling, and take out the odd wood soffit. Also planning to add crown.

I'm thinking oil rubbed bronze or black hardware. Light fixtures are ORB, and ceramic top of range is black black, so that seems like a more logical choice than brushed nickel. Countertops... grey? We'll have a little money for the floor, too. And we'll do a new fixture (oil rubbed bronze?) at the sink - which is white enamel.

Color and fixture advice gladly accepted!! Thanks for your input!


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HELP - Remodel kitchen to sell

posted by: thecatzmeow on 06.19.2013 at 11:49 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi everyone. I need some advice on what to do with our kitchen. We plan to list the house for sale in approximately 12-18 months, so we obviously don't want to spend a ton of money on it. Now, we're just weighing the options.

We live in a Cape Cod style house, built in the early 80s. The appliances are all >5 yrs old, replace by either the previous homeowner or ourselves, but the cabinets are the original "honey oak" builder standard. The cabinet boxes, while plywood, are not good quality. There is splitting between the rails and styles of the face frames, resulting in gaps of approximately 1/16". The exposed sides of the boxes and the toe kick panel are not the same color as the rest of the cabinets. They also have fixed shelves in the wall cabinets, and as they are only 30" high, you cannot store most cracker or cereal boxes upright!

So I am not sure they are a good candidate for refacing. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I have met with a contractor and a kitchen remodel company. The kitchen company quoted us $15k+, which is just absolutely not happening. (I realize prices vary across the country.) The contractor came in around $10k, and this is JUST for cabinets+install, not including the countertop, which will have to be replaced also. Big box store quoted us around $5600 for cabinets, but that's without labor.

What would you do in this situation? We want to spend as little money as possible, but we need to do something to the kitchen or I'm afraid the house will sit on the market for a long time. Per our realtor friend, in our area, people are looking for move-in ready. The homes with the most updating needed are the hardest to sell.

We're in the low low-middle price range for our area. The average home value is around $300k. We're about $250k. So people aren't going to come in expecting a custom, super fancy kitchen with all the bells and whistles. BUT almost every home listed for sale in our area has an updated kitchen, even those at much lower price points. I just don't think it will sell if we don't do something to make it look better.

Please tell me about my options. RTA, IKEA, big box, cheaper builder line, etc? I don't want to stick a potential buyer with something that's going to fall apart on them in 3 yrs, but I also want to save as much money as possible to put toward my own custom kitchen in my new house. So there needs to be a balance of cost and quality/looks.

My contractor has suggested we look at something called Merillat Basics/Essential line. I'm waiting on his price for these.

I'm a little afraid to tackle the full install ourselves; all of the leveling sounds daunting, particularly in an older house that is probably well out of square. But assembling RTA cabinets is something we'd be happy to do and then let someone else hang them.

Please share all of your thoughts and WWYDs. I am so grateful for any advice.

Thank you,



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