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Do you fill coffee filters in advance?

posted by: marie26 on 08.04.2008 at 01:01 pm in Organizing the Home Forum

I make coffee every morning and was wondering if there is a container that is made for holding a week's worth of coffee filters that already have ground coffee in them. I've tried to do this by putting them on top of each other in a coffee tin and perhaps this is the only way to do it. Do you have another method or am I the only one who wants to prepare this in advance?


Cold brewed coffee!
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Hanging tipsy pots

posted by: snowbunny_wi on 06.02.2008 at 09:59 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I planted two hanging tipsy pots on the corners of my shed. One is a shade one and one is for sun. I love how they look & can't wait til the flowers fill in some more. After all my planting is done I hope to get the edging & door on the shed painted and the porch needs replacing too.





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Window Garden Box

posted by: jeannespines on 08.04.2008 at 06:25 pm in Garden Junk Forum

My friend has beautiful gardens! She has a white garden and I wanted to do this project for her b'day. My DH did most of it...I helped a bit. The window garden box is made of 2 recycled windows from an old farm bldg., old barn wood, tongue-in-grove recycled boards,old hinges and 2 spindles I bought at a GS and cut in half for the legs.

This pic shows the project completed at my place and ready to deliver:
Garden Junk

This pic shows the completed project painted by my friend and put in her new "white garden" with fan flowers in front of it & hydrangeas in the box. She made it look wonderful!
Garden Junk

Thanks for the inspiration, Kudzukween...this is like the one I saw in one your pics by a new bdhse (see link below) Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzukween's birdhouse project


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Old window greenhouse

posted by: mao_tse_mom on 05.09.2007 at 04:41 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I thought I'd share with you my new greenhouse made with old windows. It's not quite done yet.

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tons of pics for your winter day

posted by: cait1 on 12.28.2007 at 08:20 am in Garden Junk Forum

Hi everyone!!!
Way back in some post I promised I'd post updated pics of Our Lady Gardyn and today is that day. It was a year ago today that I first began the arduous task of paving my Secret Medieval Mary Shade Garden that we all now know and love as Our Lady Gardyn. For newbies who don't know about it you can search the threads cuz it's late now and I'm getting tired. HA!!! Ok, I'm just being lazy by not finding the links to the story behind Our Lady Gardyn so I'll let anyone interested find them.
So yes, a year has passed since my first paving efforts of the now (not so) infamous Circle Garden in OLG (short for Our Lady Gardyn cuz I'm also too lazy to keep writing that out!! double HA)
Are you ready for some pics now or should I keep blabbering on.....
PIC TIME!!!!!!!

Ahhh, the entrance to OLG back in June when I finally placed the bench chair there

Not much has changed except for the growth of the plants on the trellis. Here is the entrance today...

Here is Lancelot Lane before there ever was such a thing

Todays pic of it

This pic shows the beginnings of Guinevere Grove coming off Lancelot Lane. There's also a definite lack of planting.

Today it's full of plant life

These are the steps that lead to the Circle Garden. Pic taken back in February

I love when the plants grow!

Circle Garden newly completed in January 2007

The Circle Garden one year old today. I think it has that 'lived in' look!

I completed the paving of Queens Court back in April.

Now I have the medieval style chairs there and the planting behind has grown giving it the secluded feeling I love.

This was taken in November 2006

Today the weeds are (almost) gone and the beds are planted.

View looking toward the Circle Garden

Now there's a path called Guinevere Grove. It's also where I actually worked today. I started 'grouting' the bricks and cemented the terracotta edgers in place.

This is the last bit of fun left for me to do in Our Lady Gardyn. I'll make Merlin's Way, put in another patio area, create The Lady of the Lake vignette AND... you see those big white blocks of styrofoam? I'm going to make a mosaiced exedra with them. My gf here gave me a book about medieval gardyns and exedras where very popular seating areas during the 15th/16th centuries. They're 'U' shaped seats, enough for 6 people. I'll modify the design of the seat a bit since exedras usually had turfed seats and with very inconsistent rainfall I do not want to have to water my exedra all the time. And don't expect that to happen any time too soon, though. It's still in the planning stage and I've become a real slowpoke when it comes to executing ideas. But it will happen!

I hope I didn't bore you with this long post and that the pics made up for all my tawk!!


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POTM--I did it!!!

posted by: quidam on 08.20.2007 at 02:55 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I was challenged by the rock theme for the POTM and decided to put my summer food preservation, back to school prep, and housework aside for a day or so to do something I have always been meaning to try....pebble mosaic.

Keep in mind that this was my first try. I made some mistakes and learned alot. I had wanted the stones to be closer together but I used too much mortar, I think. I still have to remove the white residue and seal it and it will look much better.

I removed some flagstones from our walkway (not mortared or cemented)which made for an easy first project. I then collected rocks from around our yard because I still wanted a natural look to compliment the walkway, but did add a few irridecent long gems.

Ironic note: The flagstone path we put in used to be river rock which was very hard to walk on. We have buried, given away, and gotten rid of most of it because we didn't like it. Now, I wish I had it all back since I plan on doing more mosaics.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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