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RE: Subway tile install ?'s (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: ShellyFL on 08.04.2011 at 08:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

We did the lowes subway and also had a 4" corian backsplash. We used 1/8" spacers between the bottom of the tile and the top of the backsplash to ensure a consistent line. We also definitely caulked instead of grout because you never now if there's any flex between the counter and the wall. Essentially, if there was a surface where tile touched something OTHER than tile we caulked it with matching caulk.

We used the 2x6" bullnose pieces on ours plus a couple of creative corner cuts on the 6x6 and 2x2 corners. Below are the pics. It wasn't exactly what I wanted (which was to just end on a bullnose that was 3x6) but those aren't available in regular on the shelf stuff.

Here's how we did it

From Kitchen

From Kitchen


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RE: Show me your Glass tile backsplash..... Please (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: theanimala on 03.12.2010 at 08:48 am in Kitchens Forum

There are lots of great glass backsplashes, with tons of color. You can try looking at the gallery at

We went with a very simple White Glass subway tile. But many people here have done some things with lots of colors to pop.


Here is a link that might be useful: glass tile store


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Glass tile install question

posted by: straw_bale_ln on 05.27.2008 at 09:42 am in Kitchens Forum

I finally settled on a glass 3"x6" glass tile for my backsplash, but before I place the order for the tile I needed some clarification on the installation procedure. I've found mention that you should never install glass tile on drywall or plywood, and of course we have painted drywall. They never give a reason as to why you shouldn't do it, but they specifically say you shouldn't. Does anyone know why? Installing cement board at this time would be a major inconvenience. Other websites make no mention of substrate at all. What gives?

Oh, and DH and I plan on installing the tile ourselves, FWIW.


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98.627% Finished Kitchen - Transitional White Inset w/ glass tile

posted by: theanimala on 01.02.2010 at 03:00 pm in Kitchens Forum

After reading this site daily for 6 months now and getting tons of great advice it's time for us to post our finished kitchen. In keeping with the style of the house we needed to go more modern than traditional, but we didn't want something too contemporary. Also, we couldn't decide on painted or stained cabinets, so we decided to do both by painting the perimeter while having the island stained.

Although we moved no walls, it ended up being a bigger project then we expected as the old tile floor went through our foyer, powder room and laundry room. Also didn't have correct sub-flooring, and we wanted to move some of the appliances around, etc. The reason the it is only 98.627% completed, is we still have 1.373% left to do, such as glass shelves in glass front doors so in cabinet lighting can shine all the way through, etc.


Cabinets - Inset Shiloh Homestead painted MB Softwhite, Island Maple stained Espresso
Flooring - Tile Fashion Coffee 12 x 24
Countertops - Ceasarstone Raven, Ceasarstone Misty Carrera - Mitred Edge
Main Sink - Franke 33" SS Apron - FHX710-33S
Main Faucet - Generic Costco Brand
Prep Sink - Elkay - ELU1618
Prep Faucet - Danze Como Pulldown
Refrigerator - JennAir CD FD - JFC2089HES
Ovens - Electrolux - EW30EW65GS
Warming Drawer - Electrolux - EW30WD55GS
Microwave - Electrolux - EL27MO45GS
Cooktop - DCS 36" Drop-in - CTD-365
Hood - Bosch - DKE9365AUC
Beverage Center - GE Monogram - ZDBC240NBS
Dishwasher - Bosch
Backsplash - White Glass subway tile from
Backsplash - Stainless Steel 1x2 tiles
Pulls - TopKnobs - Princetonian
Paint - BM 1542 Himalayan Trek






Sink Area:







Island - Backside:

Pantry Area - Closed:


Pantry - Open:


Lazy Suzan - Corner Pullout:


A big thank you to everyone who gave such great advice over the past few months. If anyone has any questions on what we like /dislike please let us know.


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Traditional Modern Pearl White Kitchen in New York City

posted by: scottielee on 07.14.2009 at 10:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

thanks to everyone here for generously sharing their renovating experiences, ideas, and wonderful pictures. here are some shots of my little kitchen renovated last year...better late than never right ^_^

Cabinets: Omega Signature, Maple in Parisian Pearl
Countertop: Statuary White Honed Marble
Islandtop: Craft-Art Brazilian Cherry
Backsplash: Bisazza Damasco Bianco Glass Tiles
Floor: Casa Dolce Casa/Casamood Neutra Silver Porcelain Tiles
Range: Wolf Duel Fuel DF304
Hood: Wolf Pro Wall PW302718
Dishwasher: Miele LaPerla G2830SCi/SS
Refridgerator; GE Monogram
Sink: Franke Kubus KBX-110-21
Faucet: Grohe Ladylux Cafe 33755SDO
Hardware: Bouvet Knobs 5201-25 and Bouvet Drop Pulls 5002-10 & 5008-18
Pendants: Flos Fucsia 1
Undercabinet Lighting: Kichler 10560WH & 10566WH
Stools: Emeco Kong and Emeco Stool


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Anyone used DIY Networks Backplash in a box?

posted by: techprincesse on 09.14.2011 at 09:56 am in Kitchens Forum

I saw a commercial for this and looked at the site and the Toasted Almond looks EXACTLY like the kind of tile I am looking for my backsplash. Its supposed to come with everything you need, tools, grout everything but very few reviews for this. Its on sale at Lowe's right now for $150 for 15 square feet of backsplash.

It doesnt come with mortar, the tiles basically "stick up" like the Bondera Tile mat thats available at Home Depot, but most people I know attach tile to walls with mortar. Has anyone ever used this kit ?

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Networks Toasted Almond backsplash


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RE: Share your backsplash pics for a good cause! (Follow-Up #62)

posted by: karen_belle on 09.14.2010 at 11:57 am in Kitchens Forum

Here's my newly finished backsplash. We worked hard at this, making many different trial pictures using Sketch-Up. DH was not a fan of the random pattern but finally agreed to go along with it. When it first went up I felt ... a little anxious, but I am very pleased with how the whole kitchen came together. And I still love that blue tile.


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RE: Share your backsplash pics for a good cause! (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: kitchenaddict on 08.16.2010 at 10:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi fellow backsplash ooglers...

I just love seeing all of these...(sigh)..
Mine is very simple compared to the masterpieces you've just seen. Oh well, here it is..Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble.

Crema Marfil Tumbled Marble Backsplash



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RE: Share your backsplash pics for a good cause! (Follow-Up #39)

posted by: theanimala on 08.18.2010 at 08:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here's ours which has been posted several times in the past, sorry... White Glass Subway with Stainless Steel mini subway by the cooktop.



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cheap kitchen floor that doesn't _look_ cheap?

posted by: johnmari on 03.25.2007 at 04:18 am in Flooring Forum

I know, it's probably an oxymoron, and definitely a tall order. We're putting our house up for sale in a couple of months and the existing sheet-vinyl floor is in such bad shape that it has to be replaced - stains, hopelessly-ground-in dirt (the idiot who thought off-white was a good color for the floor of a kitchen with three outside doors and a muddy lot needs either heavy medication or an intimate discussion with a baseball bat), peeling-up seams (the kitchen is almost 13' wide x 16 long and the seam parallels the French doors) and tears that are stapled down where the repair glue stopped sticking... *sheepish grin* A flooring allowance is a last resort since left as-is it'll detract from the other features and skew toward "fixer-upper", which the house definitely isn't. There are nice 2-year-old honey ash hardwood floors in the adjoining room with a 6' wide doorway, slightly dated but solid oak cabinets, and soon new laminate counters (dark/light brown, black, gold, and cream granitey-looking stuff).

However, we're squeezing every penny until Lincoln screams because we're quite low on upfront cash (and things keep cropping up to eat yet more money), and we're admittedly useless in the DIY department - slow, unskilled, up to our *ahem* eyeballs in work to do, and short on time. There's about 300sf of flooring divided between the U-shaped kitchen and the attached utility room, which is an ugly maze of closets and niches; we can scrounge up about $1000. I was thinking about VCT because it's about $2.50/sf installed and _I_ think it's nifty looking, but the reaction from local people I've mentioned it to has been undiluted horror. Is there a nice-looking, low-priced vinyl tile that's either fast and moron-proof :-) or cheap to hire someone to do, that doesn't LOOK "cheap, quick and dirty"? We'll have to pull up the sheet vinyl, which I am dreading because it wasn't perimeter-glued, because if we put an underlayment over it we won't be able to open the doors! They scrape as it is. The Novalis planks at Lowes are fantastic but with the real wood right by it, not so good.


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need vinyl flooring advise

posted by: msjay2u on 12.03.2007 at 12:37 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I am thinking of putting some of those Armstrong self stick tiles on my floor in a high traffic hallway (but only 2 people). The floor is a softwood and I can see lines where the PO had put tiles down and the dirt seeped in between the tiles.
Should I do anything to the floor before putting the tiles down? I called Lowes, told him what I was buying and the idiot told me make sure I have enough morter. duhh with vinyl? and if I was putting tiles down what happened to me needing a sub floor over my wood floors? Then he said put extra glue on the self stick tiles and I should be fine. I decided I better log in here and ask the experts. LOL


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RE: need vinyl flooring advise (Follow-Up #16)

posted by: Tania (Guest) on 04.14.2008 at 08:42 pm in Home Decorating Forum

HI, I want to install Cryntel vynil tile in my kitchen. I tried one small area and noticed the next day that some of the tiles are popping up. I cleaned the entire area 100 times to be dust free and applied BULLS EYE 1-2-3 Primer Sealer on the concrete floor. Should I use some kind of glue(what brand) to avoid this problem? Tks very much.


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Finished Kitchen: from Oak & Tile to Black & Marble, mostly DIY

posted by: rtpaisley on 10.08.2009 at 04:07 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello to all, I am new to posting here! I wanted to share my finished kitchen, we remodeled last October, some DIY some with help, and I found this forum to be an INVALUABLE RESOURCE. Just hoping to give a little back by sharing my finished pictures... even delayed ones.

We redid our oak and tile kitchen with black paint and marble. It was a mix of DIY (I painted our cabinets) and help - the marble was installed and fabricated by someone else, obviously. We pulled out the tile ourselves, both counter and floor, and installed the appliances ourselves. Our kitchen remodel in total cost just under $10,000. I've blogged about it in detail if anyone is interested.

Before and After pictures.

How I made my kitchen choices.

My best shot at a how-to on painting kitchen cabinets yourself.

A complete source list as best I remember.

Here's a few pictures:

Great forum, good luck with everyone on their current endeavors.



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Would you buy a no-name stainless sink?

posted by: mbarstow on 09.20.2009 at 05:55 pm in Kitchens Forum

My sister is looking at a stainless sink for her kitchen that is listed for $299 but no brand name, just a number. The online site is and they claim it is 16-gauge and 50% less than the popular brands. Has anyone done business with this company and would you do business and get a brandless sink?


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No-Sew curtain (link inside)

posted by: spitfire_01 on 09.09.2009 at 10:19 pm in Home Decorating Forum

While searching for curtain options, I stumbled across this blog. She has some very creative ideas. I may have to try to make some of these curtains myself!


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