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Costco bamboo flooring

posted by: tcjohnsson on 07.06.2006 at 02:14 am in Flooring Forum

Bamboo newbie here.

I checked out my local Costco in Honolulu, Hawaii and they had a medium color horizontal carbonized bamboo for only 2.09/sq ft. They came n a box with 23.8 sq ft (about 50 lbs of bamboo per box). Manufacturer is "Golden Arowana" and it's produced in China. Product is 19/32 thick and between 3 and 4" thick. I was amazed because I could never find bamboo flooring for under $4 here locally in Honolulu, Hawaii and this was half the price!

I did look closely at a sample and I noticed that the boards are not very straight. They tend to bow to the side slightly, maybe by about 1/8-3/16" variation from one end to the other. Is this acceptable?

Can anyone comment on this flooring? I'm thinking of installing this in my rental cottages but I'm worried about wear and durability. Can they be installed floating or do they need to be glued or nailed? The base floor beneath the existing carpet is wooden planks. I was also thinking of installing in the kitchens and bathrooms but I'm not sure if this is a good idea. My assumption is that the kitchens are OK, but the excessive moisture in the bathroom may not be good for the bamboo.

Any feedback is much appreciated!


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