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RE: What are the best palms for around the pool? (Follow-Up #65)

posted by: scrapula on 06.17.2007 at 09:15 am in Pools & Spas Forum

We have young growth (about 6 months). The macho ferns around the pool just got a haircut because we are getting ready to seal the pavers. They are normally much fuller. At the spa, you can barely see part of an areca palm. There is another one on the left of the waterfall. That's sweet potato vine cascading over the top of the waterfall. My DH's shefflera that he's had in a pot since he was a teenager, finally has a home. It's now towering behind the waterfall. The christmas palms are to the right, below them is a coontie and more sweet potato vine. The planter in the back has macho fern, a tribochina and a yucca.


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