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odd thing happening?

posted by: taurustendency on 08.15.2013 at 02:57 pm in Orchids Forum

hello there everyone, this is the first time i've posted in the orchid forum. i fairly new to gardenweb and have since kept my head burried in the daylily forum.

i love all plants, but my main passion is the outdoor gardening. however i do have a select few indoor plants that i have acquired over the years, including orchids. and although they do not get as much attention as they probably should...they are still doing fine for me.

so even though i can keep my own alive and blooming, i still know absolutely nothing about them, aside from the basic care. im on here now, because an orchid we bought for my boyfriends mother for her birthday is acting a little odd. or maybe odd, i dont know. maybe its normal, i have no idea. however i have never seen this happen with my own, so i thought i would ask some more experienced growers about it.

is it possible for orchids to grow proliferations? i use the term proliferations because thats what it is called with daylilies...but i dont know about orchids. anyways, her orchid seems to be growing leaves straight out of the stem. it is just a common Phalaenopsis that we picked up at lowes. i have never seen this on my own, and tried researching online...but havent really gotten anywhere.

does anyone have some insight into this?


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