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RE: Neem trees? (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: ishmial on 08.18.2007 at 11:21 pm in Arizona Gardening Forum

How have your neem trees done with the winters in Arizona? I just planted four seeds in pots and am worried about the winters here North of Tucson. We sometimes get down to below 20degrees for a night or two every few winters.


No one has answered his/her question and it is now 2014. How have these trees (Tamarindus indica) worked out North of Tucson? I am assuming that you are in the Catalina Foothills off of Oracle Rd. We get a frost and I cover my citrus and use Holiday lights wrapped through their branches on the very cold nights, as well as, I thoroughly water the pits at their base. (Frozen water is warmer than air in dry soil.) It chills out at 32-degrees which is warmer than the air that invades the pores.
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