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New Cub Cadet i1046 Zero Turn

posted by: pwelty on 03.16.2007 at 02:42 pm in Tractors Forum

Hi all,

New Cub Cadet i1046 owner. Let me just tell you my story, short version. Went to a large home building store (names are withheld to protect the inocent) and was looking for a riding mower, have 3 acers, mow about 1 acer. Was looking to spend about $1000.00-1200.00. was looking at what they had and notice the Cub Cadet i1046, it had a price tag of 3399.00 and I asked why that was so much? The salesman looked at it and stated that "this is not a zero turn mower", as it stated on the pricetag. It did not look like a ZT mower, no levers etc....So I asked what the price was, after about 10 mins of him going back and forth, his manager came out and said he would sell it to me for 1395.00. I said that was a little out of my price range and said thanks, and left.

My wife and I went to dinner and discussed lawn tractors and decided to go back and just buy it. We were offered another 10% off if we bought it on their credit card, which we did not have, so I filled out the paper work, was approved and so the price came down to 1255.00, with TAX, 1352.00 and loaded it up away we went on our way. It was not until I got home that I relized that I never asked what the warrenty was. I log on to Cub Cadet's website and then relized that the price that they originally had was correct and this is a new ZT model mower. I felt bad and called them back the next day and talked to the manager about the mistake. He stated that it was their mistake and he thank me for my honesty. He said that because it was already paid for and that they made the mistate, to keep it and stated, "it must have been your lucky day".

I have just took it for a spin around the driveway, but I must say, it is a sweet tractor, build quality is very nice. I will be using it tomorrow and will give a full review.



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