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RE: White Flies (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: tdogmom on 04.14.2005 at 10:06 am in Hibiscus Forum

Go with the Earthworm CastingsI swear by them. :) We used to have a terrible infestation of White Flies and have cut back considerably with the use of the castingsI use the castings regularly in the garden. I also raise Earthworms and use them as wellthey can help aerate the soil so they do double duty (no pun intended). :) A farmer told me that the castings are wonderful and she was absolutely correct. A biologist and I were talking about the castings one day and he concurred. I use them in the citrus tree pots (my trees are in pots), with the Plumeria, and EVERYWHERE! Where we once had a lot of White Flies, now we have next to none. Our neighbors' WF problems (that nasty white fluffy stuff) that you can see in the breeze? Not our problem! :) We've mentioned it to them and those who use the castings have seen the difference as well. We don't use pesticides in our garden although my husband does use some systemics for some of his plants because I raise butterfliesMy Butterfly Sanctuary is completely and utterly insecticide-free.


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