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What order am I supposed to do this in?

posted by: supergirl on 07.04.2006 at 02:23 am in Kitchens Forum

I was planning on just replacing appliances. But that has of course led to also replacing countertops, range hood, moving a couple of cabinets around (but not replacing the others, that's where I draw the line), etc. I'm now thinking we will need a tiled backsplash between the new countertop and the cabinets, possibly with some of the granite directly behind the stove if we have enough left from the counter slabs (the granite we like is really pricey, so I feel like if there's any left out of the slab, I better put it up somewhere.) Since I wasn't planning to do this, I have no idea what order I'm supposed to do this in. Do I put the countertops in, then tile and/or stone behind the stove? Vice versa with the tile first? Thank you to those who know better!


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