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What do you use for a garden journal?

posted by: CheBella on 09.20.2004 at 03:58 pm in Frugal Gardening Forum

I long ago realized the benefits of keeping a garden journal, but, with my usual obessiveness about having it be "just right", I've been just writing things on calendar pages, backs of seed packet, 3x5 cards, etc. while I've been looking for the "right" one.
Need less to say , my non-method has totally blown the benefits of keeping track of things.
Lee Valley has what seems like a wonderful 10 year journal, with all kinds of reference stuff and charts included. It has 1 page for each day. I like the idea of keeping years of stuff together so as to see aat a glance what was going on on that day for years back. But it seems like a very small space for each entry, AND it cost $40 (or maybe only $30, but still...)
I tried cheap composition books (the ones w/black marbled covers) with the same idea of devotin one page to each day, but, alas the one I bought were so chear that you could see writing through to the other side of the that you could only write on one side of the page. But that was starting to make things rather bulky, even with 6 volumes per year. So, I didn't get far with that one.
I also tried a computer based one, but...jeez, I really like being able to just jot things down anywhere, esp. in the garden itsrlf, which does not have it's own computer.

So...what do you all use for your garden journals? ANy ideas cheerfully received!


I am struggling to learn to post to my own journal at garden web. I can't figure them out but can note to yours. hehe. I have used old high school notebooks with seed packs and comments in the past.

poison ivy and weeds
Posted by sunburned 6 (My Page) on Tue, May 3, 11 at 15:06

Is there something I can spray prior to spraying my multitude of ivy in my yard that I can rip up after I spray only my poison ivy with roundup? I don't want to nuke the dirt I would like to put some real grass seed down. I wish I could find the paste you put on bigger ivy/ish trees.
If i spray poision ivy, then pull then spray weeds with weed killer or visa versa?


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