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Do appliances have to "match"

posted by: sue_sf on 09.13.2012 at 04:18 am in Kitchens Forum

OK, it is 4am and the only thing that would clear my mind so I can go back to sleep is to post here for advice. We are building a new home and it is time for me to decide on these appliances.

Here is my dilemma. DH and I fell in love with the Fridgidaire full size fridge and freezer pair, and kitchen cabinet gal managed to incorporate them into our L shaped kitchen layout. I also want a single wall oven with an Advantium oven above.

Now I am panicked that the fridge/freezer will look terrible next to the Advantium (240 oven) and what I guess has to be the GE Profile oven. Please give me your opinions on these questions or come up with a new ideas!
1) Do I give up the Advantium for an oven/microwave stack? The Advantium is expensive, but I had one in San Fran and loved it.
2)Do I go for a different double oven that looks better next to the fridge/freezer and find a home in the layout for a microwave? 2nd oven won't be used that often, but I feel is needed for resale (if we have to)
3)Am I married to the GE Profile Oven if I go with the Advantium?
4)Should I consider something crazy, like stainless fridge/freezer with black or white Advantium and oven combo? If I did that, would I stick with stainless dishwasher?

We have worked and worked with this layout, so it can't really change. I am going to post separately for help with the corner cooktop hood....

I can only figure out how to insert on shot of the layout. Hope this one helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Advanitum


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Corner Cooktop hood help needed!

posted by: sue_sf on 09.13.2012 at 04:26 am in Kitchens Forum

Love the look of a corner cooktop. It is really the only place I can put it in this L shaped layout because of the must-have Frigidaire Twins.

It is hard to explain, but if you think about the adjacent cabinets being 12 inches deep, then the hood can only be 12 inches off the back wall to let those cabinets open. Then the hood only covers part of the cooktop.

I didn't want to go with the exposed hood look, but if that is what works, I am open to it.



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