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Weeping Pussy Willow help

posted by: stealintv on 07.13.2013 at 06:22 pm in Trees Forum


I a have cracked or split trunk on my weeping pussy willow tree. This tree was bought from a nursery and has been in the ground since the end of May. It looks fantastic on the top and even appears to have grown in the little time I have had it. In the picture, you can see two of the three splits (one on back too) that have appeared. When I saw the first crack, I thought maybe I hit the tree by accident with the riding lawn mower. About a week later, I was watering and pulling weeds and noticed two more cracks had appeared. They are all around the trunk so it could not have been the lawnmower. .

Any ideas what is going on with my poor tree? I have researched a little and read that it may be sun-scorched...? Can anyone confirm that? Is there anything I should do to cover those hole? (Pruning paint, wrap, etc?)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have no tree experience. This year was my first time planting, but I know how to google and am not afraid to read.

Thanks in advance!


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